Is boosting a bannable offense?

I hope it is tired of getting into matchs with galley on one team and ambra on the other and they just let galley kill them. Of course this blows the match for everyone else and kills the enjoyment of the game. I hope it is but can any of the mods or devs confirm?

Also when I quit out of said match I can’t get into another lobby until it is over or 5 minutes or so have passed this is ridiculous!!!

I don’t see how it could be. Someone got someone else to help them out, same as playing a character you need for a Lore challenge.


We should tell their parents they’re being bad.


Some lore challenges are really dumb.

Some players find a way to work around them and help each other.

You had a tantrum and had a timeout.

Water is wet.


I understand that it blows the match for the rest of the team, but have you tried killing ‘X’ 25 times with ‘Y’? The one thing that shouldn’t be present in PvP is a grind, and that’s what these lore challenges are.

I helped a friend kill Ambra with Alani by rushing every Ambra and setting up as many kills as possible, those Ambra players were probably unimpressed by being surrounded and repeatedly gang murdered but there’s no reason to ban someone for trying to be creative and lessen the unnecessary grind.

It’s not a common occurrence and those lore challenges will be adjusted by this time next week anyway.


I can only understand it being bannable in Ranked or Spotlight. Since casual has no ELO, and does not affect your ability to be matched into different player pools, I don’t see why it should even matter.

Even at that though, it’s not as bad as throwing games to ensure lower ELO values.

[quote=“tommygross06, post:1, topic:1540226, full:true”]Of course this blows the match for everyone else and kills the enjoyment of the game.

How does this blow the match for everyone else?

As long as both the Galilea and Ambra were sticking to their collusion, off on their own, and not participating in anything else at all (which is what most pairs that collude try to do), it’s not really affecting anything (it’ll affect xp a tiny smidgen, but not as much as you’d think).

It basically becomes a 4 on 4 match. Only when the kills are completed (if they get completed), will most “offenders” actually begin to take part, making it a 5 on 5.

Also, this isn’t really hyper-competitive PvP with (significant) rewards for winning. If a high ELO actually meant something, I could see this being banned; as it stands, I honestly don’t think too many people care.

Some do, however: I have colluded for a lore challenge this twice; both times, my partner and I refused to take part in anything until we were done getting our kills and made sure to tell our teams exactly what we were doing at the very start of the match (there was no question what we were doing; we made it painfully obvious). Each time, the group as a whole was fully supportive of it because we weren’t making the match lopsided in any way: both teams were “losing” 1 member. Of course, both times, there was someone on a team (once on mine, once on his) that didn’t say anything but obviously took offense to it, going out of his way to interfere with our task (either by killstealing or going out of his way to kill the receiver); ironically enough, in both cases, that person’s own team was getting angry at him because his actions were shifting the fight into a 3 on 4 situation (as we were in an out of the way spot, well away from anything interesting).

When i play OM and see a WF sometime i’m wondering if i should let him kill me a few times.

Then i remember i have teammates and a game to win.

Don’t “boost” to be nice to someone else and forget about the others.
Devs are going (and have) to fix the lore challenges anyway. That’s part of their job, not ours.
Probably not bannable though.

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It was in competitive, and it does because they were being douches and the galley was level 4 and started going after players that were still level one on my team. Stood no chance it’s a waste of time and when players quit the match they get punished by not be able to start one. I don’t know about you guys but I play to win, I want to crush the other team and not help them out. If your going to do it just wait until the devs fix it and stop ruining the fun for others. For people to sit here and justify it simply because a lot of people don’t play ambra is just non sense.

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For you to sit here and complain against helping others in a team game is just nonsense. Not everyone has your competitive play-to-win paradigm.


If you are intentionally feeding the other team for any reason without the consent of your team then you are griefing. It’s a huge deal in MOBA games and it has a negative impact on the rest of the team.

I understand that these lore challenges are poorly designed but you shouldn’t make your team suffer for it. That’s being selfish.

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Some already posted it before, but I want to remind everyone: As far as I understood GBX will change the kill-related lore challanges and reduce the needed kills drastically.

If you have to kill or assist to kill only 5 Ambras instead of 25 you´re done in 2-3 matches (if not just 1) without any need for chasing or any tactic that could affect your teamplay in a bad way.

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[quote=“Ganjamira, post:12, topic:1540226, full:true”]If you have to kill only 5 Ambras instead of 25 you´re done in 2-3 matches (if not just 1) without any need for chasing or any tactic that could affect your teamplay in a bad way.

Kill or assist, which is important. You no longer have to be chasing killing blows for credit (which was terrible with Alani after her damage nerfs); instead, you just need to keep up the pressure while your team gets the kill.

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Will edit my post, I totally forgot that^^

Helping your teammates in a team game is expected. Helping members of the other team is something else.

What if they’re your friends, is it unjust to show kindness to your opponent because the game matched you against each other? Why can one not help someone on the opposing team? Not every match us a competitive tournament that you must win. I’d rather help out someone who was struggling then crush them simply because I can. I’ve received messages from matched opponents playing as Ghalt asking if I could let them get first blood for his lore and I’m happy to adhere because it’s good sportsmanship and in future I may require a similar favour. You’re really not losing out on anything by being a little bit helpful.

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I was actually going to make a post about this so someone can help me LOL I need 9 more kills with Alani. Is it possible to get a room with 10 people and do this? Or would that be considered private?

not really like it’s easy to boost in this game as you have no assurance you’ll be matched with the person who is supposed to help you and vice versa…

I hope it’s not a ban able offence, I do it frequently.

Here’s the thing.

As Kitru pointed out, none of the PvP modes care about kill count.

If you see people boosting, leave them alone and play the mode.
The worst thing you can do is butt in, because contributing to a fight that doesn’t matter means more of your team aren’t on the goal.

I had an Alani that I met up with in Capture pre-nerf.
I was letting her wail on me and my team kept wanting to get in on that action.
Let’s just say me team was down 4 players for no good reason with only one playing the objective.

Let them play their mini-game.
After Lores get fixed, it won’t be an issue anymore.

That’s different than your previous claim that it’s nonsense not to help members of the other team. It’s only unjust to your teammates and your other opponents who might want a competitive game.

You can. There’s nothing stopping you from doing that now. But don’t be surprised if, when you want a competitive game, some team members and opponents decide they want to do lore challenges rather than play the objective.

No one said it was. But let me bring up a point which is the source of the angst in this entire thread. The problem seems to be that no one is playing Ambra, so Galilea and Alani players can’t complete their lore challenges. Why don’t people want to play Ambra? It’s because she’s not competitive. So, how non-competitive is Battleborn PvP? If it weren’t at all competitive, a lot more people would play Ambra. To my knowledge, no one has proposed that feeding Ambra kills should only be done in Casual play mode. Maybe it should. Even then, how many Ambras show up in even Casual play mode? My guess is not very many.