Is boosting a bannable offense?

I am kind of getting annoyed with the “kill blank” Lore challenges because you have to sit and wait and wait and wait for someone to pick them. I’m working on Whiskey Foxtrot and have seen a drastic drop in the number of Oscar mike picks. Then in the off chance you do get one, that’s the game where you kill everyone but him. When I’m playing as Oscar mike and I see a whisky, I give him at least one free kill, maybe a couple. If those couple kills mean the loss, then we didn’t deserve the win. I’m FAR more annoyed with the "play with BLANK characters " in your group…Benedict anyone…3 other effing peacekeepers??? that’s literally only 1 person picking someone else. I get on the mic and BEG people to pick peacekeepers and they act like they don’t hear me. I even beg people who are playing to join a group so we can coordinate a mass “lore challenge” assist. Everyone can work on the same lore challenges and wipe. It would take about 30 minutes to pretty much get all of those lore challenges done at once if everyone switches and helps out. But no. they won’t.

Wait for the lore challenge changes patch or join the Unofficial Battleborn Discord server. From time to time people there get together to farm lore challenges.

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I don’t know if it’s been said, because I just skimmed the thread, but:

No it isn’t a bannable offense. To my knowledge, the only things that are clear bannable offenses are cheating and piracy, but every ban is up to the people GBX put in charge of that.

[quote=“Masterblizak, post:21, topic:1540226, full:true”]I’m FAR more annoyed with the "play with BLANK characters " in your group…Benedict anyone…3 other effing peacekeepers??? that’s literally only 1 person picking someone else.

In my experience, if you ask people early on to pick someone for a Lore, whether it’s a faction or a specific character, most people are willing to oblige. Maybe not every time, but often enough that it’s not problematic (in the sense that you’ll hit rank 15 before finishing it), especially if you try to get people to do that while working on your other lore (and before you hit rank 15).

I got the Woodsworn lore on Boldur (5 person all Eldrid group) on a pure random PvE queue and that’s significantly harder than running with just 3 other UPR chars (since everyone has to agree; even 1 person who chooses diff will screw up the group).

Thankfully, in PvE at least, suboptimal characters aren’t going to cause a failure, and people are often willing to step outside their comfort zone if it means helping someone else out in a trivial way.

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Isn’t that what the casual mode was for?

The competitive mode was for having balanced “competitive” games right?
Maybe something should be done about players who intentially scew games that can change my ELO.

I agree, instead of leaving people should, u know, HELP.

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Not competitive? I’m not sure I understand this statement or your definition of competitive. None of this makes any sense to me whatsoever, I see as many Ambra players as I see Reyna and many other Battleborn, where did this notion that nobody wants to play Ambra come from?

I don’t get all this fuss over ELO. Unless you’re queuing with a premade of 3-5, wins will be determined by the players you’re matched with and what characters they pick. Because of that, ELO isn’t very important in this game unless you’re always in a premade.

I often play in a 3 man team with my roommates. When people don’t play the game as it’s intended, we lose. The next game we play is usually very one sided in our favor.

Also I played many spotlight and competitive as a solo player. After a while my matches were consistently close.
I have to assume the skilled matchmaking was to blame (or the ELO) considering casual was much much more inconsistent for me.

I found better matches in casual. The common complaint was long wait times, so more peoole queued casual instead, and some players/teams were really good. Also, when I got matched with low CR players I’d run characters I was new to so I could learn how to use them better without getting destroyed, there were some good experiences in those games. If I was in a premade we’d run a “theme team” or pick random, or I’d do something really stupid like run Vyn’s Quiver and Symbiotic Gauntlet on Miko and a 0 activation shard generator with -heal power, because shiggles.

ELO is a good system, but it only really works if you have 1. A large playerbase, and 2. A competitive scene surrounding the game, and Battleborn sadly lacks both. For now it is what it is, we can either play it ir choose not to. I’d rather play the game and not have to worry about a hidden ranking system and long wait times.

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I wasn’t talking about any of that.

Im just saying that the competitive modes should be played as intended because it is attempting to get close skill-based matches.

Go ahead and do whatever you want in the casual mode. It’s casual.

I would have done the same thing in competitive, if I could have consistently found games. The ELO was too strict, and I made my statements about my thoughts on ELO in Battleborn.

I’ve boosted. Still won, too. It’s really not a big deal. And this game is very level balanced. Example - I kill Ambra five times in first ten minutes? The wave clearers are still a higher level with more money than me. I’m higher than everyone else, but wave clear levels you up the fastest in my experience.
Onto point two, you want to complain about [quote=“tommygross06, post:1, topic:1540226”]
Also when I quit out of said match I can’t get into another lobby until it is over or 5 minutes or so have passed this is ridiculous!!!

Yeah. No. You don’t get to say one player boosting ruins the game, I quit! And expect any sympathy. Tough it out till loss or surrender. Quitters are worse than any other kind of boosting, cheesing, or spamming. Because no matter how unfair you think any of them are making the game, you’re taking an entire 20% of your team’s power away.


Still none of this has to do with boosting being a bannable offense.

It’s cheating and throws the game off for the other people playing. Why defend something that is selfish just because the alternative is hard?

It’s not “boosting”. It’s collusion for the sole purpose of getting well known (the devs have even admitted it) absurdly annoying lore challenges out of the way (esp by PvE players). If neurotic PvPers don’t try to interrupt it, it has no significant impact upon who wins and who loses (which is what people have been saying); if said neurotic individuals do try to interrupt it, it generally ends up impeding their own chances of winning.

It would be “boosting” if, and only if, ELO actually mattered (hell, you can’t even see your ranking so it’s not even bragging rights) and it had any significant impact upon the outcome of the game. Neither of those things are true.

If you really care about PvP, you should actually encourage people to collude to take care of these absurd lore challenges because it means that they can either get out of a mode that they do not enjoy to make space in games for those that do (if they are PvEers like me) or focus on the objective rather than getting some arbitrary challenge completed (if they are actually PvPers).

If you just don’t like collusion on principle, well, the community is against you, so… tough.

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Collusion is not cheating? Collusion itself usually implies a crime is being committed right? Here is the first definition of collusion on Google.

secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others

Why should this be encouraged?

[quote=“dfabian711, post:36, topic:1540226, full:true”]Why should this be encouraged?

Why should it be discouraged? Because you don’t like it?

Said collusion has no real downside and actively benefits the community. Unless you can actually point out how it damages the community to any extent (which is what the devs actually care about), you’re basically asking for people to be punished because they bother you (which, honestly, I doubt the devs could care less about).

I don’t want anyone to be punished. They are already making the lore easier so people don’t feel like that have to collude.

My only objection is that it is selfish and cheating.

If an enemy kills my teammate ten times and then proceeds to kill everyone else while they are over leveled we should be happy for them?

I don’t understand the logic of cheating being okay just because a lore is hard.

Man this really upsets me. I don’t expect the developers to do anything I say.
I dont like how many people demand things from them. This is their work of art, we are all just playing in it.

I just gave different viewpoints on why I feel it damages the community but go ahead and ignore all my reasons and everyone else’s because the devs couldn’t care less about other points of view right?

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I guess I should start demanding players to line up for me so they can feed me exp and let me do toby’s lore.

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I try to show faucets of honor throughout the many things I do in life. That includes gaming. Though I don’t think its a bannable offense, I would feel pretty bad with myself if someone willingly participated in getting me a specific title that required a great amount of Skill, Time, or even Luck. But that’s just me.