Is Borderlands 3 a worthy buy?

So far I hearing the game is unoptimized with poor performance, crashy/laggy, pre order rewards aint showing up, and possibly there’s a buggy boss fight. I’m wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether BL 3 is a good buy now, or if I should wait on it? I do not want any spoilers, I am ONLY interested in vague remarks on entertainment value, that is, if folks like it and what general aspects they enjoy such as story, gameplay, characters, action, etc. Again, only looking for opinions, not too many specifics, and I do not care about official reviews. Thanks for any info.

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Yes. It has Minor bugs but it is normal on every game.


Launch hickups, sure they figure it out next week


Fans of the series, like myself, will probably be able to overlook a lot of the problems with the initial launch state of the game. However, if you are new to it or can’t stand certain types of unpolished gameplay elements (like the lack of control over Fl4ks pets or the Killavolt fight), then you may want to wait a bit for the first wave or two of patches. If you plan on playing on PC, the wait may be a bit longer than on consoles.

I wouldn’t go so far to return the game if you already purchased it, but you may want to wait if you want an experience that won’t contain certain frustrations.

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I’d say a definite yes, but I’m lucky in that I’ve not had a single major issue as yet (some minor gripes) a lot on here have. Unless you’re a big fan, maybe hold fire for a week and wait for a patch, or just buy it and see how it goes for you, you might be one of the lucky ones experiencing no issues, if not then I’m sure a patch won’t be long in coming and you might be able to grind a few levels a day anyway.

I’ve given up for the day at level 9, just found a few purples, done a few random tasks I found dotted around - it seems like there’s so much to do all over the place - and seen the first cut scene with the Twins after doing the 4th or 5th story mission, I don’t want to see too much too soon, been waiting for this a long time and don’t really want to rush it.

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It is a worthy buy. Might depend on your rig though. All are having their issues but PC I think is suffering the most even on powerful PCs some are suffering FPS rates. We went ahead and got 2 super deluxe for the season pass and game, we would get it eventually anyway. On PS4 minor inconveniences plague us. Text size should be adjustable, (have to lean in to read stuff even on a 60" TV) multiplayer is spotty and menu/inventory screens can lag the game. Good luck if you opt for split screen (tech issue forum is plastered). Hopefully all stuff that clears up soon. Most people who are giving negative reviews are just pissed that GB has been silent on it so far. Granted it has only been a day, but people are wanting to know that they are being heard. Giving someone $100 (some are kids that worked hard and saved up) in anticipation for something they can’t play, the frustration for them I understand. I am on the patient side, don’t need to be more stressed than what my job provides!

That Killavolt fight was stupid, I had my first then next six deaths on that fight and didn’t even level up for killing him.

My piece of advise: don’t buy it yet. Patiently wait until steam or other platforms can sell it because Epic Games is cancerous to deal with. The game itself is amazing, Epic Games isn’t.


If you have a high end gaming PC then it’s a no brainer to play it now. Hasn’t crashed on me once in over 12 hours of playing and fps is perfectly playable (if you have new hardware).

Killavolt eludes me for now but I accept a good challenge…and it’s an optional quest and should be hard imo. The first parts of that quest were fun as well! All the playthrough has been fun so far and better than BL1 and BL2 imo.

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Ive had a couple of UI issues like it telling me to hold tab to see achievement progression and it doesnt work and pinging the map sometimes is janky but nothing too major. Its a fun game.


  • Brilliant Game
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Great Controls
  • Guns Feel Amazing


  • Overpriced Standard Version.
  • Road Map designed to try and get you to pay for the game more than twice if you want all the content.
  • Data Monetization: 2K will make the Lion’s Share of their profits charging their accredited partners for all the details of our habits and histories and browsing data as we all signed away our Privacy for a handful of Golden Keys.

Overall it’s a great game that’s being marketed somewhat cynically.

If you use Facebook, Google or WhatsApp you’re only telling 2K what you’ve told those guys anyways.


Some people seem to have technical issues with the PC version, I didn’t aside from one crash to desktop (in 14h play time). A few minor launch glitches like messed up gun icons but that was patched very quickly. Don’t know if I’m lucky or if it’s just that people who have no issues don’t talk about it.

Technical stuff aside, the game itself is fantastic. Absolutely worth it. 10/10 so far.


I have not had any optimization problems on the PC yet. It’s fun, but I don’t think it quite holds up to the juggernaut that is BL2…yet.
The Vault Hunters and weapons are highly customizable, but so far a lot of the red text weapons seem lacking.
Legendaries and higher rarity loot drop more frequently, but named badasses are far less frequent.
While I appreciate that most levels are multi-tiered now, it makes navigating a bitch and a half.
Side quests are actual quests now instead of “go here, get this item”.
Most of the new and returning NPCs are fun. Bonus points for no Pickle yet and hoping it stays that way!
Hate the way fast travel is currently set up.

I’m sorry that I can’t provide a concrete answer to whether or not you should buy it. If you really enjoy the Borderlands series, you will probably enjoy 3 after most of the bugs are fixed and we see more of the DLC content. If you were kind of sitting on the fence, maybe give them some time to spruce it up and buy it in the future once the price drops a bit?

It feels really good, there is a new level of polish here that the series deserves… The jigsaw fitment of sneaky familiar geometry triggered nostalgia pretty easily for me.

The previous two games were clearly studied, and the effort has paid off.

I’m a proud owner.

If you like borderlands then it is pretty much guaranteed fun for you. Either way it’s definitelyy worthy… It’s hard for me to imagine someone not liking this.


This is a very easy buy. There is a lot of love that went into this game and it shows. Even running on a new engine, it still feels like Borderlands… but even better.


Seems like I will wait just a little bit for the early patches to land then buy. Thanks for all teh infos, folks.

It’s a fun game. You’ll like it. Just get like binoculars because the text is super tiny.

It’s kind of hard to tell with the way Gearbox gamed the early review process.

This is an excellent analysis. I feel the same way about the game. Great game, terrible structure surrounding how the game is being marketed/delivered. I can’t believe that game studios can get away with this . If the government understood video games, there is no way this would be legal.

You got to be in game to claim rewards, not on the home screen. My pre-order rewards didn’t show up until I reach Lv 10 then when I looked in my mail(In game) it was all there including the 5 golden keys.