Is Borderlands 3 goind anywhere?

I found myself surprised by the fact that I prefer to watch a movie or play another game. For me this is a sign that something is really wrong with this game. So, I took a little time and I tried to figure it out. Here are my findings. Are not in any order as all combined bring the game in a state that no longer worth the time. For me at least.

Borderlands was and in a way still is, a game of extremes. Parts brilliant, parts abysmal. This contrast sometimes (rarely though) works, but never on the long run.

I’m a PS4 player, and (I know is a bit late) I discovered that I can set my controller layout to classic and that allows me to select which weapon I use. Brilliant. The response is utterly bad during game play (especially when a lot of enemies around and a lot of effects on the screen, even in single player. And according with Murphy’s law, exactly when you needed the most to switch to another weapon) as I press from weapon 4 to get weapon 1 and I get something else. After a few press of the button, finally the game catch up with me. As the menu response time, this is no exception.

The Gear

What’s the point to have “1 billion” weapons which are actually around 200 that are actually used maybe around 10, across all classes, for all content. The main issue is that the randomization of the rolls is inconsistent. For Legendary is pretty much not there while the score you have on some is absolutely weird. For epics seems to work better though.

Anointed items should by default, with the worst roll, be better (and higher score) that same item not anointed with OK roll. Some items have fix rolls. Why? E.g. The Transformer, why shock only? Why not any element? It’s a PvE game, you will not broke it, We will not be more god-like with the Fire Transformer.

Anyway, I wonder if the team really looks into all other items and think if there is a way to make it more viable. I think that they don’t. No one will look to ASMO or Woodblocker or Firestorm and think what can be done to this to be even considered to be used by anyone. How they can make their damage output to be even a little bit comparable with the only used sniper in the game? Well, they had a chance with bloody harvest sniper and they blew it. That is not a bad one, but with that magazine size and only in ice… Anyway…

The Builds

I think I mentions as well in my previous posts that I have no idea how comes that you build a game centered in creating builds and yet there is nothing for builds management. Even a simple save/load feature will go a long way, if tabs in the builds section with saved builds will be too much. Do you think it will broke the game if I do each section of the raid with a different build? I think all comes from the not so inspired idea that builds and respect to be done in the sanctuary only. And you need to pay a fee for it. Why? Well… because the reason of no logic at all.

So, please let us have fun with the game and with the builds and play anything with any builds we like at any time I don’t need to go to the station to drive my car electric only, gas only or hybrid, right?

Slam and Slide

Two feature which are nice but most of the time useless as there is nothing to support them to be more than that. If we could slam somehow w/o the need of always find something a bit above the ground, maybe it would bring some nice play-style. BTW, is it slam considered as melee? Is not clear for me this.

Slide, well… I guess the main issue with this is that except the speed buff and some slide and shoot trick, there is no usage. I think by default the slide should be 110 run speed. Have you ever slide in reality slower or with the same speed as walking? Well, if you slide on sandpaper, fine… but otherwise, for all of you that ever played in the snow especially (it would be weird to slide on concrete), you know what I mean. To slide you need to run and when you “throw yourself” to slide, you push even harder. So… yeh…


Although the majority are good some are so bad that is like someone said “Guys, we have target to bring 5 and we agree only on 1. Just give me 4, anything, and be done with it!” Things like While Airborne. I mean come on. Is this Destiny of Anthem? Is there an artefact that allows us to jump more or even to have an antigravity effect or something? I’m loving the Impound Deluxe low gravity. Or While Sliding one… Really?

But this is not the main problem with the anointments. The main problem is that totally unbalanced between the characters. Is like 4 different teams worked w/o communicating anything.

Matchmaking is a joke

I understand that there is no dedicated server for coop, but man the way the game selects who’s the host is absolutely bad. Many times I had to exit the party as was unplayable. And I have 1GB up/down internet connection (although PS4 wired connected cannot use as much).

However, currently the problem is that there are no players to match with. If you are lucky, maybe you join someone’s campaign or to a raid, but the rest? Forget it. The community is so small now that coop is only if you come with your own team.

Dedicated Loot and Loot Source

We all wanted that and was kind of implemented. I farmed General Traunt for about 100 times and I haven’t had a drop of Recursion. I got one though from the Fabrictor. I tried everything, included a perfect loaded dice. Just in case, you know.

I had 125 runs of the sky brothers for the Hex. I got 8 hex grenades, all radiation, 2 anointed but with really bad rolls. M4 and loaded dice because I’m a masochist.

And then it comes the Splinterland with the Spider Queen and the Red Dog rare spawn and their dedicated loot. I check and farm both with each load. Over 200 times (I lost track) I load the game and that alone is a pain for console as you well know it. But hey, I can have dinner while playing as I’m in loading most of the time. I had 38 Queen spawns and 41 The Dog. I got exactly 2 shotguns (corrosive and cold) and 2 Hives (corrosive and radiation), none anointed. So…. Yeh… I was still a masochist as was in M4 with perfect loaded dice.

So, a simple RNG math: RNG to get the spawn, RNG to have a drop, RNG to have a good roll on the drop, RNG to have an anointment on the drop, RNG to be the right anointment.

Dear Borderlands Developers soon it will be a big RNG to get someone playing the game. Just saying. You repeat mistakes done by other games before, like Anthem, and look what happened with the huge community. Takes a lot of effort to have the players dedicate their time and love to the game, but takes a second to make them never look back.

The Raid

Although is the most difficult content, once you get what you need why bother with it? There are no weekly challenges that rewards you something (e.g. a dedicated item with special fix rolls and anointed with a special anointment or something). There are builds that can do the raid solo. I’ve done it multiple time. So, what? Look at Destiny’s raids and challenges for inspiration. Add special rooms or special mini-bosses that will have their special loot pool. Why only one type of boss? Add another 4 that are rotated each week, similar with the Escalation Protocol or something. Even 2 different bosses and random generated foes mix, would bring more dynamism and more reason to play the activity.

On Jan 16 will be an event, that should be a fact in the first place. The Raid scaled to the number of players. I think you can do more than this. Do not invent an event that shouldn’t be and event but something standard implemented. Nevertheless, I’m curious how is implemented. I hope the loot quantity does not scale and remain as is. I hope the players may choose to have the activity scaled or not (especially if the loot drops is reduced, I prefer to play it solo as 4 players). And I hope you understand that this event will not promote coop, which considering how bad matchmaking is now I’m not sure if is such a bad thing.

Coop and Farming

Why I cannot keep the party in the game’s lobby? How can I have a party to farm a boss? Why the maps are not reset as soon as returned to the Sanctuary at least, although how is reset with Freddy is the best method. The Raid should reset / reroll modifiers if you like, as soon as the leader teleports the team at the start of the activity. All content should be like this unless in Main Story (not side) mode.

The fact that we need pointlessly exit and load the game to farm a boss, is tedious, especially on consoles. It will be too much to have, once you reach it and for that session, a spawn station to become also a teleporting station? You killed the boss, teleport to the closest station, and the boss and modifiers are reset. No load screens that eats the fun.

Vending Machines

I wonder how comes that many times at vending machines there is no epic item? It’s frustrating. Would be that hard to double if not triple the amount of items the vending machines offers. 60% epic, 30% blue and 10% green. While for Earl one, please double the number of items and put only epic. No one will spend eridium for blue or green. Standard vending machines should also run more anointed items.

Eridium and Eridium Tech

I don’t remember when I used eridium last time? I gamble a little bit I guess but then I remember that there is nothing special that I can get from that machine so it make no sense to spend the eridium and my time there. At least if I would get some worthy unique items from that machine, then, maybe. How about for 20 or 30 eridium to activate a consumable that will increase the chance the loot drop to be anointed for 2h or something?

In a previous post I said that it can be used when crafting items using eridiun tech.

Again, the eridium tech is the best thing you have in game and is not at all use at its potential. Add a special quest that will grant you access to an alien device that, together with the gun-gun (that s used for nothing now) will allow you to craft eridium enhanced items. ANY gear! New recipes can be added periodically for different types of gear. You can even add a new anointment in the game, as I said, eridium one, that will enhance the gear properties rather than to add something new as current ones (e.g. every 3rd shot is amplified and if crit returns 2 bullets into the magazine. On a shield with reflect, on successful damage reflect your next shot have a 100% increase damage. On a grenade kill, it spawns 2 additional grenade. I can keep this all day long…)

Closing Words

I put out with a lot of issues until now and I’m not sure I will have the strength to wait until next DLC and hope the game will offer a better experience. I hope that the game new content will be even better than DLC1 which was very well done.

However, Borderlands still feels like a single player game. The lack of divers and multiple end game activities makes it to be this way. There are no weekly challenges (even daily) and quests to make you come back. Farming is tedious and on consoles, even when you have to travel a bit, it takes longer to save an quit and load than the farming itself.

Mayhem is as it is. M4 is nice and I’m really looking forward what Mayhem 2.0 will bring. If I’m still around that is. Each increase in mayhem level should not be only on difficulty but also on the rewards. And the rewards not only in quantity but in quality. Rare spawn should be not as rare on max difficulty and their dedicated loot to have a higher chance to be dropped. Anointed items should be seen far, far, far more often in the highest level of difficulty.

Borderlands 2, although not with a perfect launch still have a strong activity. Borderlands 3 needs a lot of improvements to even come close with its predecessor success. Let’s hope that from now on the right decisions will be taken and that the game will go to the right direction.

Thank you for reading!


You make a lot of great points, good post.

Also this:


I honestly don’t see one point in this post I disagree with. Maybe some of the suggestions could be modified a bit?
Really not much criticism to this post though, a couple things I think should be highlighted that are great.

  • Bosses should be reset like freddie by fast traveling
    This is an amazing idea, like why do I want to spend half or more than half of my gaming time in loading screens. I literally just look at my phone or forums or discord in that time.

  • Eridium + Gun gun = E Tech
    I know we never had any weapon crafting in borderlands games but so many people would actually enjoy this. It would be fun to make weapons lol.

  • Buff all the awful legendaries
    Now I don’t think you made this a large point, but you kind of brought it up. I truly believe 50% of the legendary items need buffed to be playable. People try to argue against this by bringing up power creep, but look at what we have now. We all use the same 20 playable weapons, if all the weapons were playable that would literally increase build diversity. How much would we complain about loot rates if all the weapons were actually playable? Like so many people get mad at woodblockers, but what if wooblocker was a good gun lol.
    I know we can’t just buff every single weapon in the game, but I think there’s a point in here. And I think if we did it to a lot of items it would only increase build diversity… not gonna bring up old zane class mods that need buffed for more build diversity… wait


Great post, very informative, super suggestive and critical when needs being. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it was ackowledged like for this instance below,

Some dev/CM - hey @dragus.udrescu we just read your post and you bring up some very creative, interesting and intriguing ideas, we would love to implement some of these at a future date and we will be discussing them AT THE VERY LEAST with all the relevant teams, thank you for your continued support, all the best the dev team

Some people can wish eh, be like everything else in here though, fallen on deaf ears and ignored


all I want is ability to level up items with spare eridium (mainly artefacts/mods) as I know there is new higher level coming with next dlc which I got nothing against but not farming mods/artefacts over again and spent long time farming semi/perfect perks I wanted for them , but if there not going to add this feature I just wait years for all dlc to come out then play it when game is fully finished maybe. as currently I hardly play it now due to fear of not being able to upgrade items when new level comes out/gameplay gets bit bland after while/also rumours of microtransactions and battle pass which makes me think gearbox are more interested in people’s money then listening to what people/borderlands community actually want game update wise.


There are some really good blue rarity ones though. I do agree that we need so see way more purple and blue rarity than greens and whites though.

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Thank you all for your replies! At least we prove that we are still here and hope for the best!

As for the dev to acknowledge what we ask and say in the forum, I agree, it would be nice. However, that’s not the target, but to have a game that keeps calling me.

Nevertheless will not harm to see some mods now and then in the forum. You know, a little something that remind us we are not alone in here.

Thank you all for reading my post an for your constructive replies!


Hey man, sorry for the negativity but my hope is dwindling by the day and through every weekly patch :stuck_out_tongue: I was so hyped for this game pre-launch and now I have just done a complete U turn, anyway enough of that nonsense dont wanna turn this great topic into another GB bashing, well written I enjoyed that read :facepunch:


Good post, can’t disagree.

Seems for every one thing they learned from the previous games, they have forgotten something as well. And this is all just the design, not even touching the optimisation, which is appalling.

Things I would add are;

No fast sell option - I.e everything not starred, as it was in the presequel.

Some mobs not respawning - some maps are much emptier after the story missions, making them much less fun to mob through - there is a reason everyone does Athenas

Options to customise storage. OK 500 bank spaces is nice but let me sort it by level, element, set custom lists so I can find just my Zane gear etc.


timmo you bring this issue up in nearly every post I see of yours. IMHO you need to give up that fight. It’s highly unlikely that GBX devs are going to get sucked into conversations in these forums. There’s very little upside and a lot of downside for them. If they answered a few questions, the community would inundate them with thousands of questions and then there would be a lot of butt-hurt people who are mad that some questions got answered but others didn’t. There would be no feasible way for them to satisfy the never-ending flood of questions. Rather, what they and most companies do is take community questions in a controlled and limited way on streams and such. Devs could literally spend the entire work day fielding questions on these forums and would not satisfy the masses. And getting a bunch of canned “Thx for the input, we’ll look into this” responses really doesn’t do much either.


Yeah that dose of realization is hitting home alright, respect everything you’re saying but just for the record I never asked for them to get involved in a Q&A just a simple ackowledgement that they read posts thats all, I personally think the CM should be in here doing that, that is her job at the end of the day, but yeah your right im even tiring myself out repeating the same things over and over in the hope that things might change, but lets be honest they wont :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m with ya. I’d love A LOT more info directly from GBX about how some skills and weapons are really supposed to work, planned fixes, etc. What would be really cool is if they took, say, 20 questions from the boards every Friday and answered them.


Totally agree. And I have to say they are proving that they respond to topics that become ‘hot’ around here with changes in the game. Driver COM, Takedown scaling, Militants, Mayhem(adding mh4 in response to dislike of random modifiers) etc there are quite a few examples. I think it’s only a matter of time before they also make adjustments with drops but that probably has to go through a large political procedure first.


Wouldn’t that be just ideal :+1:


Well said, i agree with everything except the Transformer thing. It is in the name Transformer. That means Shock. Making it corrosive doesn’t match. If you want one that is fire, then they just need to come up with another version with another name that is fire.

Dragos, This is so true. I was thinking the same thing the other night. I got pissed at this game and went over to play Outer Worlds (a great game) However, it has very little replay value right now. So i came back for a couple weeks and then got an itch to finish my 2nd play through of Fallout 4. I used to love BL games, i shouldn’t be playing an old game like Fallout when this game is right in front of me. So that just shows you people are moving on due to the insanity that has been BL3.
Nerfs, skill trees not working properly, every patch we see bring more bugs. It is really so bad, i for one liked the story and enjoyed my 1st play through. But the grind, to spend hours after hours farming for gear and getting no reward is worse then being at work. Why should i even bother. I am playing the Moxxi DLC right now and enjoying it, i love the new com for Zane, it finally gives him some DPS and he can finally compete without gimmicks. But he is still broken, we should have to rely on gimmicks, bugs and a com to make a toon viable at higher levels.


Agree 1000% with all of this. I feel they made it prettier but did nothing where it REALLY mattered. Under the hood. They relied on history and reputation and just “dialed it in.” not only could all of those things been addressed but they could have worked the developments into the storyline that everyone already complains about to make it interesting. Instead of relying on plain RNG for EVERYTHING and old lovable characters, they could have introduced new characters that allow you to spend more money, more eridium and one that allows you to get specific Annointments on your gun. So basic, yet missed. I feel if they don’t make a major turnaround it’s going to lose whatever interest is left. The fact that you still see anything less than blue annointed gear or guns in M4 is unacceptable.


Very good comments! I just seen some streamers videos in which they also mention most of things listed here, and mainly the lack of end game content.

The game at launch was so off balance and with so many bugs that all resource went to address those. And so new content and game improvement suffers.

I would love to see a roadmap to see what we expect and why we paid the season pass. But is risky. See Anthem. They mess all roadmap as all resources were focusing to fix the game. For matchmaking issue, as Anthem, P2P is not much to do with the tech used. Besides, with the diminished number of players is hard to match within the same internet link, in similar ping range. So here comes the lag. And together with the consoles limitation to render all fight effect all it becomes an experience not enjoyable.

NB: As for Transformer, it was an example. Besides, transformers don’t mean electric only. Even w/o Webster definition and only with the movie in mind, is clear that means something that transforms in something else. This is why we have suffixes and prefixes. What’s tong with Burning Transformer? :wink:

Thank you all again for your comments!

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True, i would’t mind seeing a burning transformer either.

I agree…I’ve left the game alone for the last 2 weeks. Don’t really miss it in all honesty. I felt like I was grinding for gear waaaaaaay to much and not getting anywhere. I even played the DLC to only beat it in about 1 hour or so and found myself bored afterwards. So what is going on with this one vs BL2? I came back to BL2 time and time again…right up til BL3 launch and loved every minute of it.

I love this game but I’m just a casual player that doesn’t want to spend 15 hours to get one specific item/weapon and then have to go to another location and do exactly the same thing.