Is Borderlands 3 goind anywhere?

For me it’s 1 simple thing. I think that Borderlands games in general and especially Borderlands 3 went overboard with the legendary items. it’s like Diablo 3 where the only items you care about are either set items or legendaries. This alone diminishes the build diversity and gameplay diversity.
They didn’t introduce a single thing to make guns/gear more customizable. No crafting, no attachments to find. Nothing. You just get the legendaries which are mostly with “fixed” stats. So you find the same gun a few times and you have seen all of their variants.

They should have went the Path Of Exile style where legendaries are somewhat fixed in what they do, but all the rares are highly customizable. This way a player could choose to build a character the way HE wants and not the way the devs want. More casual players can just go on and play like it is now with legendary items, while those who want to spend more time tinkering with the weapons/gear could craft their own guns with hundreds of different possibilities/abilities.

Now the end-game consists of farming several “must have” legendaries and running the same content with other characters with very similar loadouts too.

+the anointed system is so bare-bones and with very little variety. Feels like it was implemented like an afterthought.

Oh, and I remembered another thing which always made me “mad” in Borderlands 3. Why we always teleport in Sanctuary at the very end of the ship and not at the center like it was in Borderlands 2? Every single time you have to go through the whole ship just to talk to Lilith, then go back and go to the pod near Ellie (especially when you want unlock all those proving grounds at the end…). Such a bad ship design. Makes players waste so much time…


the one thing I liked about destiny to a point and loved about the division was the weekly/daily

go do this, kill that and get this… Gave you the reason to…

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Can’t say i don’t agree. GB has become control freaks. They try to control everything, nerf this, nerf that. How about instead of nerfing things you fix the issues with the game. This is not a PVP game, there is absolutely no reason to go around nerfing gear. I hear they now plan to nerf the Ion Cannon, really? Then why the heck even put it in the game to begin with?

Add to that the absolute worst drop rates i have ever seen in any game ever. Hours, days farming for gear that should drop from a boss and nothing at all. When you finally do get one it is pure trash. How about removing whites from MH levels completely, toning down Greens and making drop rates better so we can enjoy playing this game. Grinding for hours and getting nothing in return is work, not fun. I did the DLC over a 5 hours span and only saw 3 legendaries drop, all trash. Started to farm for the new Mod for Zane and after 3 hours not a one. The game is broken and no fun any longer. Leave it to GB to break a franchise.


The low drop rate combined with RNG and with other RNG like anointed, rolls, element, boss spawn it makes it so tedious.

But is not the worst I’ve seen. Anthem was abismal. B3 is in a state that can be saved relatively easy if they want it too. I think is forced now as there is nothing else to do as I wrote in my other post. See Destiny or Anthem with daily, weekly and monthly challenges and quests that add desired gear. Anyway…

Just not getting hooked again on drop rates increase to just give me gear I don’t want. I am done and wished I would have never purchase this game. Hours and hours farming to get nothing in return which it was fun farming in the beginning of the game and now hours to get something to drop but then again the roll completely sucks. Good luck to all that stick around for more disappointments and nerfs in your future. At the end of the day it just a game so what if I am OP on my single player game " Really "

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Sadly, I have a feeling that their programmers have been having a really hard time getting the game to work. I think we are missing a lot of features you mention in your post because they have no idea how to get them to work.

For loot, my guess is that they are afraid that if people get their loot, they will stop playing the game. This view does not really make sense to me, but it is the only explanation I can think of.

For balancing, they are quick to nerf, but slow to buff. I do not really understand this logic either. It seems like these hotfixes should be doing both.

Definitely agree on Build management. Yes, they can be confusing in some games but they don’t have to be. At the very least for skill tree builds it would be great. If they don’t want to make build management for items I could understand that.

Annointments need some more work, agreed. Some of them should just be removed.

Party lobby stuff. Yes. We should be able to hit a button at save stations that resets a nearby boss and lets us reroll mayhem modifiers. For a minor eridium or money toll.

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They keep blaming the holidays but i am not sure GB is doing much of anything with this game.

  • Rarely see much communication here but patch notes and the purple volunteers who can only quote the forum rules.

  • Last shift code for keys I saw was December 20th. No codes for shift points in forever. You get a few points each week with the activities but thats all. Nothing new to spend them on since before the launch. Who is working on that? I put in codes for months before the game and now nothing…

  • The loot increase events are always so minor you barely see a difference.

The only plus was the DLC1 as I like it but it had no endgame and they are coming out too slowly.

I have not played in a month and unless the dedicated drop rates are MUCH better I see no reason to play. My sons and brother have all moved on so my active friends list is empty and I have been solo, but the lack of dedicated anointed drops (after weeks with little luck) made the game no fun.


This game released a year too soon.


True story!

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I’m sorry but when I read something like this I’m wondering whether you ever played BL2? There’s an unreal amount of hyperbole going on in some of these complaints


Absolutely. Legendaries literally rain down compared to BL2.


Good point! Is definitely not the worst! Anthem was the worst.

Nevertheless there are issues with the dedicated. I have 80 runs of kilovolt and I had many runs w/o any drop while drop rate event is increased. 3 9 volts 1 anointed, 2 triple a none anointed, 3 transformers nine anointed and the rest nothing that worth mentioning. In average 1 legendary per run.

While this is so bad that I gave up the idea to have anointed transformer, the judge dropped me 4 carriers in around 30 runs and 3 anointed, 1 cryo 100% for Zane, one with 50% corrosive and 1 with fire rate while sliding! Score!

So, is it worse than worse we imagine? No, but is not too far either. Nates did not drop even 1 cutsman in 50 runs…

I go now for hex in Anvil for 50 runs ish then agonizer for dictator for 50 runs.

The raid I’ve done it 5 times without a single dedicated weapon drop… I plan to do something like 20 runs more, but if I start seeing dedicated weapons dropped.

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I never really had that much difficulty farming a legendary in BL2. Even the most difficult to obtain loot I could get in a couple of hundred runs.

The problem with BL3 is that it throws crap legendaries at you like candy, and then hides the really desirable ones behind near unobtainable challenges and trial bosses. I never had anything in BL2 that took months to find like a Rakk Attack anointed Molten Lyuda in this game. I have literally been trying to get one since late October and still haven’t had one drop.


I’m getting the feeling that the way the game is coded or monetised they might not be able or willing to sort out dedicated drops…

That’s a good one. Gonna use it some context or another :DD

Event is lukewarm, however there are toons to level up and trials to beat, so I’m still going to play once in a while.

I would LOVE to hear from GBX staff about past development and current endeviours. Raw and unfiltered, of course. I have a suspicion that some group of programmers left GBX, who were invisible but their contribution was vital to the development…

There are several complaints just above your post (not from you) that talk about being severely disappointed with “getting nothing after 30-50 runs”. I guess what was OK in BL2 is no longer in BL3 for some.


I cant think of anything significant i disagree with in this OP.

I don’t see this game being a game where people will play for years after release… GB needs to do a complete rework of the game if they want this game at that level. ESO has been out for years and years and millions of people still play to this day. BL3 won’t even make it past a year smh

You mean, like, code and game files on my PC/console will self-destruct? Yeah, not sure about that.

If it’s not to your liking, so be it - plenty of other games for you to play. I don’t play AC, CoD, or Fortnite, but they seem to be doing OK.

I enjoy BL3 so far, so there is that.