Is Borderlands 3 going to borrow from Destiny?

There seems to be a lot of discussion about the question: Will Borderlands 3 borrow some ideas from Destiny? There’s a few things I’d like to see moved from Destiny to Borderlands but not much.

I think it would be cool to have sanctuary (or someplace like it) to be more of a social hub like the tower in Destiny. It would be cool to have many players of all levels interacting. It would be good for trading, looking for groups, and just flat out showing off your level cap or gear.

I also would like more options for end game. Level capped end game. There’s already raid bosses. Why not have Raid missions, Borderlands style?! That’s where you can get the best loot in the game. I don’t think that would do anything less than just make the game a little better.

I really have zero interest in any pvp other than the duel mode that’s already implemented. I guess I could tolerate a casual pvp mode for fun but it sure isn’t something I really want to see, personally.

This next point has nothing to do with Destiny but it’s something I’d like to see in Borderlands 3. I would love the world to be less… stale? I’m not sure if that’s the perfect word. I just feel that there’s not much reason to just go out and explore in the Borderlands games. I would like to see that changed somehow.

Other than that, I really don’t want Gearbox looking at Destiny too much. I love Borderlands the way it is. I would just like to see these few things implemented. I love me some Borderlands and I HOPE we get a Borderlands 3 announcement soon!!!



PvP would be horrendously unbalanced I reckon.

Imagine if it was in BL2, a DPUH/Grog Sal vs a Gemini Axton…

I don think PvP would work in a Borderlands game, other than the obvious duel mode.

I see your point about the fact that there are some people who prefer to play alone. I wouldn’t want people who don’t play online to not be able to experience Borderlands 3 I, however, personally really want to see more community options. Like the hub I mentioned before. Borderlands is the most fun when played with others and it’s designed as a co op game. But, if you have the online function turned off then you can enter hub zones alone. Also, maybe if there are some kind of raid missions for end game, it could be handled like the current raid bosses. They’d be designed to be run in groups but you can possibly run it solo if you have brass balls. Lol. Maybe better loot drops when your in a group.

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[quote=“bradley80chiz, post:1, topic:1169072”]I just feel that there’s not much reason to just go out and explore in the Borderlands games.[/quote]Are we playing the same game? :laughing:

What do you seek on Pandora (or Elpis, as this is the TPS forum) when you go foraging? Combat? Loot? Hidden things? Rare enemy types? Adventure? Exploration (as in, getting to places on maps where you haven’t been before)? What level are you, and are you on PC? You should tag along for one of my random walkabouts some time. :wink:

Also, has BL3 been confirmed? I mean, I’d be surprised if they weren’t working it at the moment, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything official from Gearbox about it.

Ehhh. You have better luck looting from enemies. The zones are filled with tons of open and plain areas with nothing to do. I think that can be improved on greatly.
Yes, it’s been announced. No date or anything but they are in fact working on it. Randy Pitchford referred to it as “The Big One”.

That sucks!!
Maybe just have an inspect option. That should solve that issue.

I always like the idea of an online trade hub, imagine the trade forums here but in game. The hub would obviously be just that, just a place to trade, show off ect. I always pictured a “bounty board” that you could interact with that would have pretty much the trade forum on it. There could also be a “library” of sorts were you could research weapons/learn about parts ect. Maybe a little shooting range to test weapons, more than just a test dummy. I always pictured some sort of scanner you would have to walk through that would destroy any hacked items you would try to bring into the hub with a little “shock” if you did :smile:

That’s pretty awesome :smile:

See, to rectify the loot ninja’ing i would implement a type of…something…that would tie the weapon/item to that character. Kind of like how Neverwinter binds stuff to your character, so you can’t sell/drop the items.

I think the thing I’m looking for is locking it to that player, and only removing the lock if the player chooses to do so.

And this has been mentioned before, but I’d like unlimited inventory space. Or failing that, an unlimited bank. Maybe make it so you have to keep buying the bank slots (for instance, once you’ve hit the base cap, make it so it costs, for instance, 500 Eridium for every time you want to upgrade).
Other games stack items to 999, I can’t see why Borderlands can’t implement this kind of system.

The other thing, and this is a long shot, but maybe give the player chests to store items. So for instance, you can put shotguns in one chest, shields in another, pistols in another. Or sort them by manufacturer, for example one for Jakobs, one for Dahl etc.

This would solve the hoarding gripes that plague a lot of players. Anyway, this isn’t a wish list so I won’t derail the thread any more.


Yeah, that’s a good idea. Imagine the disappointment on loot ninja’s faces when you drop a Pearl, only for them not to be able to steal it!

Payback would be sweet.

Hahaha, imagine the dialogue!

“I’m gonna blow you away”
“Your gun’s blown itself away”

Haha that’s great!


No worries. Your view points are welcomed :smile:

Let’s just hope it won’t have any micro-transactions like Destiny. I’d be super mad if you could pay to level faster, or for golden keys, etc…

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In really basic terms I hope they borrow from Destiny but I also hope they borrow from Diablo more and Overwatch and Battleborn and Fallout and pretty much all games. But I hope they stay true to the Borderlands formula while adapting elements instead of changing the game.

I don’t know about a hub town, I don’t want PVP (battleborn is for that) I would like raids but maybe in terms of shifting arenas or something like that.

Gearbox does a good job of supporting both the solo and co-op player and I hope borderlands 3 stays local storage and not always online. Since its not PVP driven there is no reason to go always online.

I don’t think we need a hub town with all the players in it, just give us a digi email system. We can send friends either guns, or just the gun card to show them what we have. Kinda like a super version of claptraps locker that you can put things in and move around to either your friends or even your other saves. Send “x” shield to my zer0 save would be sweet. Since Digistruct technology is already in the game why not. I think that would be better than a hub.

I would like party size to grow to 6 or 8 if possible.

Maybe borrow from destiny on how they can level up and customize gear more, more raids could be cool. But from my friends that play Diablo they all say BL3 should adapt its Season system.

A good artist making things always borrows from the competition, they do it in film, tv, music, video games are no different. I just wan them to do it without loosing the Borderlands Identity.

I should also say I’m not worried they will veer off to far because of Battleborn. Many other companies would of made Battleborn into Borderlands PVP but Gearbox didn’t do that and I love them for it. If they made it Borderlands PVP and just put in Vault Hunters from all the games and balanced them for PVP it would most likely have way more hype around it. But they didn’t do that. They are taking great care of the Borderlands reputation and I have all the faith Bl3 is going to be amazing. It will be new and things will change. A certain amount of people will hate the change but I would put money on it being a huge success.


I’m glad you agree with me on Raids. My thing is end game. I just want more to do when I hit level cap. It come in the form of raids or something else that I haven’t thought of.

While I think bl2 is pretty good for endgame I agree there is so much more they could do and I don’t think anyone expected bl2 tro have the staying power it did. Right now its still number 30 on steam charts

But there is always room to grow, Raid Bosses are cool and having a lot of those is good, but I also want more Digi Peaks and repeatable Areanas. I re run the Hyperion Arena and Finks all the time (I have a friend who has set his game to read only so we can do that thanks @Abvex)

So I hope they give us a mix or Raid Bosses and Raid type Arenas. Mutator Arena was a good step in TPS it just needed more, Holodome was good but if you could re run the Shock Drop as well it would help.

I enjoy the moxxi underdome and wouldn’t mind that to return but in an updated fashion.

To me its about having the mix of it all because everyone likes different things.

Does anyone know if Bungie has a public tracking of their Destiny player drop off after they beat the “story mode”. Because it is pretty high for Borderlands and I was curious if it is as high with Destiny, I doubt it is…because Bungie specifically planned for endgame activities after a player completes the story. Rockstar did this with GTAV with their online stuff.

I don’t think any of the Borderlands really have a endgame plan. I think Gearbox focus on the story telling component and stick a couple of arenas and a raid boss at the end and call it end game. End game is an afterthought.

Digipeak/Most of the Raids came through DLCs. If we look at vanilla BL2, it is pretty bare bore as far as endgame goes.

  • A single raid (Terra) with a single boss fight (Warrior)

  • 3 (1 of them DLC) non repeatable arena with a couple of mini bosses for loot

I don’t think this amount of content offering will be enough for BL3. I think Gearbox might have to do something more to please the hardcore player base. I bring this up because they need to convert their casual fan base to get addicted to endgame and become their hardcore players. This will expand the life cycle of the game and they have a bigger pool of active players to sell more DLCs to.

If steam stats is any indication, more than 70% of the player drop off after completing TVHM storymode (and that is a conservative figure). I am curious to see how Gearbox address this, if they even want to. It almost begs two different content team, one making the story, other creating activities specifically for endgame with full max level character and coop in mind.

And they really have to do away with non-repeatable arenas! Its been 3 games already, add this as a bullet point on your drawing board Gearbox, please!

I think one of the biggest obsticals to converting those casual players into “hardcore” players is that in the current generation of Borderlands, you have to play through the story mode at least 3 times to reach endgame )Not to mention the irritation it Causes the “hardcore” players).

I think moving to a 2 teir system would make a lot more sence, and I think they could do it without a huge jump in dificulty as well. They could add a dificulty slider to normal mode, or they could just increase the dificulty curve (this would probably require raising the base dificulty to somewhere inbetween where TVHM and normal are right now, but I don’t think that would really be that huge of a change)

Honestly, if BL3 goes into the direction of Destiny, I’m not sure if I would like it.
An always online requirement, I can deal with it. But PVP, not my thing, well, atleast not forced PVP.

Anyway, as for your idea of a hubtown, I can deal with, but I’d personally like it if that was optional.