Is both barrels blazing a DPS buff?

I would like to know if taking BBB at level 7 results in a DPS buff for Ghalt. If it fires 2 shells at the same time, but halves his attack speed, that would result in more damage per blast, but ultimately the same DPS. Does anyone know if it actually increases his DPS?

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I’d say yes. Better placed crits. Depends on aim and playstyle. Higher burst. No real increase but circumstantially better

I haven’t timed it, but it always feels like it’s slightly faster than half attack speed. However, if it is indeed exactly half attack speed, the only DPS buff you can get is if you can clip the last firing animation to reload.

Its indeed a higher dps!! But you need good accuracy or you are missing not 1 but 2.

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Out of curiosity, how did you confirm that it is indeed a DPS buff?

Damage per second, shot 2 bullets instead of 1 takes less time to shot 6 bullets.

Oh, did you test it in-game?

Lol no i have bad accuracy, i know my weakness!! I tried it once and i miss a lot with his shotgun it was worst if you miss 2 of 3.

But is basic logic, if you hit 3 shots you are doing 6 bullets dmg. If it takes 2 sec shoot 6 bullets and 0.5 reload, that means it only takes 1 sec to shot 6 bullets and 0.5 reload.

Ok, thanks for confirming it.