Is Broken Heart's Event over?

I haven’t seen any hearts for days now. Is the event over? Thought it was until the end of the month? I’m feeling a little cheated since so many days it was buggy to begin with.

I didn’t hear anything about it being buggy but yes, it ended in last Thursday.

Ended on 20th, was active only for a one week.

I was playing on Xbox One, and yes–it was absolutely buggy (as in not even appearing on the system. Many people besides me had this happen. Wonderful. Now I’m out a sweet SMG. Thanks for the speedy reply guys. smh…

The event was less buggy than just not omnipresent. It just appeared in the main game, not the DLC or the Takedown and for some it seemed that it was off by default in which case you had to return to the main menu to enable it (or just enable it before jumping into your game).

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The SMG isn’t all that special.

But the sniper… I don’t want to wake the Fun Detector, so I’ll say no more.

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Reportedly they’re looking into a fix for the people for whom it was bugged (and such fix will probably be helpful to everyone).

Don’t know much more than that.


Yeah I saw a YouTube video with the Sniper Rifle. Forgot about that. Guy was smoking enemies with a single shot. Sucks for me. :disappointed: I didn’t get much of a chance with the event. I just did not have the time. And when I did? Hardly ever came across hearts. Even went and made sure Maurice had his Heart Headgear on!

What’s your GT?

I just barely came across hearts some days, and a few times the option was not even present in the Menu. Others had mentioned this too. It is what it is now. Water under the bridge as they say. Just stinks I’m missing out on that Sniper Rifle.

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ZILLAMAN67. I’m on Xbox One

Check your game email. I got them on all four characters, but I figure by the time my FL4K gets to 53 the level cap will have been raised again so they can just make do with a hand-me-down from Moze!

It’s actually kind of weird - based on observed heart breaking, I would swear that I could not possibly have broken the required 100 on each of four characters. But apparently I did? It’s like a reverse ‘Ugh farmed $BOSS for hours (actually 30 minutes)’ situation.

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Wow, you sent me a weapon? That’s very cool of you! Seriously. But I screwed up majorly. I gave you the wrong gamertag. On Xbox One I’m LUNGZILLA67. What an idiot I am! :weary:

And I WAS creeping up on that 100th heart too. But never did crack it! I did get a Purple Level 53 Potent Hedgehog today. I hear they’re pretty powerful! Hope so!

Did u get the shift code for 10 Golden Keys yet? If no, I’ll put it up on here. It’s the least I could do. If I can help you out in any way, say the word.

I’m good for keys, thanks!

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A lot of times I would hear him say “Yesssss!!!” and never see the heart that blew up. I was kind of surprised how fast I hit 100 as well.

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I wish I could have spent more time playing it. I think they should put it back up until the 28th to make up for all the bugs! Wishfull thinking! :grin:

Totally appreciate you experienced problems with it, but two Athenas runs on normal per character and I was done. I think six hours was all it took for four characters. The SMG is poor for M4, and whilst the sniper is godly, at this stage of the game you’re missing nothing… 53 will be a distant memory soon.

What? It took a few hours to complete it on all 4 characters! A week was more than enough time to complete it, even with the bugs. It’s no ones fault but your own for not completing it. You had an entire week to do it, now it’s over. Man up ffs…