Is Capture really so hard to understand?

The only Place in Bots Battle you can lose… cause People don’t go for the Capture Points, they try to nab kills…

I don’t like to lose because 3 People vote for Capture and then no one plays it right.

PS: I could try to tell them what to do, but usually if I see capture I just choose Pendles, since the Enemy BB don’t leave if they don’t see an enemy or got tge point… so Pendles is a perfect bot troll :smile:

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People are going for lore challenges, instead of winning.

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Then they should vote for Incursion.

The Capture and Meltdown Matches are just too quickly over.

Capture is over very quickly, no matter if you win or lose, not good for Lore challenges.

But you start at lvl3. It takes less time to get to lvl5. Meltdown is over too quickly, and Incursion is rare.

It still doesn’t mean you have to lose, just make the game longer.

because bots battle is filled with PVE players who want to do their PVP lore. like getting 20 kills with the ulti of pendles/el dragon, double kills with toby ult, crit bb as whiskey, etc etc etc. for ulti challenges you need to be lvl 5 before you can even start, meaning they need to get fast exp through killing because there are no minions. if you’re not a regular PVP player there almost is no other way to complete those challenges.

so the easiest way to get kills is spawn camp the enemies in capture. if you capture points the match will be over in like 5 mins. if you just do your challenges then you get to play the full 15 minutes and since most AI bots are dumb as potatoes you will still win as long as you capture at least a little bit (eg only at the end). i NEVER lost a bots battle.

there are two ways to play bots battle: like the modes are intended or to get challenges (also titles btw, like 12 ulti kills for BAD BADA BOOOOM). And players having different intentions will probably annoy the other type. because some want a proper match and don’t like that the others aren’t contributing. And the people doing challenges will be annoyed because someone ends the match so soon they can’t complete their challenge.

the key will always be communication but that’s always hard with randoms.

Well… I must say the AI Ghalt was already at LVL 10 and they kept trying to kill them alone… he kept killing and taunting, taunting and killing.

I tried my best but even a Pendles with movement Speed+ can’t help it if no one else goes for the capture points… :sweat_smile:

I just thought at some point, they would start to go as a team, but in the end we lost since the bots did with our team, what the average PvP team would do to the Bots… Kill them as soon as they leave the safe zone.

Then again, I could try to use the headset I got, but I hate my voice AND english is not my native tounge, so I’m not a confident talker… :weary:

I can’t believe this is actually a thing. I’ve had nothing but good capture games in Bots Battle. Got Old Man Cranky about eight times now and never lost a match.

I doubt that’s the real reason behind it. Most lores don’t take that long or force you to go out of your way to achieve them. Sure, there are some, but I wouldn’t try to go for Killing on Rails in a Capture Game either way. :smile:

What @Lehonay wrote about the Titles is closer to the truth. Certain Titles (BBB, WoS, Coopetition, Right Behind You) are almost unobtainable in Capture. If people try to go for these in a Capture Game, it can have a negative impact on your overall team performance.
If you see your teammates trying to go for one of these titles, just advise them to do that in Incursion (where the odds are much better).

Last but not least, I found it helpful to use a character with good roaming capabilities (like S&A), when I’m not sure what to expect from my team. It adds well to the team, regardless of team comp.

ok that sounds really bad :open_mouth: either they were really PVE only players with zero idea how PVP works or they were newbies with no idea how the charcter they are playing/facing works.

I can understand the talking thing, i rarely talk in games too :sweat_smile: