Is casual dead?

I play on PC, admittedly at weird hours. Lately, it feels like the casual scene for Battleborn it gone. Whenever I PvP, my team gets rolled. Usually from begin placed against a pre-made team. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that there is a competitive community for those who like it. But for us casuals, it feels like there is no room for us. Hell, I played a peak hours yesterday and today, but still had the same problem. I played against the same 5 man team 3 times in a row before giving up.

Apologies if I’m coming of as ranty. I’m mostly just frustrated that I haven’t had a good, balanced game in awhile. Perhaps Gearbox just needs to bring back the solo que. Always felt that helped a lot with this problem.

All thoughts and discussions are welcome.

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On PC for the most part you are playing against the remains of us.
There are some new people but the fans, myself included, are very experienced.

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This is why I want solo/duo permanent. Right now it’s hard to even get a game unless you’re in a 5 man.


All casuals are playing bots battle (easy quest completion, no need to be good to do stuff, no need to care about tactics, deaths, kills). Others (a handful of ones) play pvp still, just for the sake of old times.

On PC - you will probably never experience a good match anymore. The game just doesn’t have any diversity in players anymore. Either hardcore ones or very fresh players.


I’m not sure I fully understand. I have a fair amount of experience with the game, too. I bought it in June, during the summer sale. I just never went hardcore with the game.

Your probably right. Which is a little weird. I personally find the bot battles to be incredibly boring. No challenge. Too easy to exploit.

That’s the thing, people don’t want a challenge, they just want quick, easy kills/wins.

The fact is the abysmally low population on PC means that there will not be a wide variety of play styles available. So your best bet for a casual experience is private PvP (a.k.a 10 man) w/ people who want to play casual because some 10 man are try hard scrims. Most of the time the folks I stack w/ are casual so if you want you can hit me up on Steam (same handle as here) and I’ll send you an invite if/when our play times intersect. You should leave me a comment here though noting your Steam handle so I don’t dismiss your friend request as SPAM. :smile_cat:

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With so many MOBA’s competing for attention only the very best will survive the test of time. A MOBA game really needs a huge audience from the start to even have a chance. Battleborn on PC had a small but dedicated fanbase but challenges with the game in general an competition with new games coming out all the time do eat away at the core playerbase. There is a point where the player numbers are so low and abilities so diverse that no matchups provide satisfaction. Meanwhile PVE focused games soldier on. There are about 60x the number of players playing BL2 than BB and that game was out in 2012, BB is merely a year old now. There are 9x the number players playing TPS, and 6x playing Borderlands which is 8 years old now. These are all PVE games and most have not had an updates in many years but they still have a strong core group of gamers playing because you don’t have to rely on a healthy population of players to have a good game. I think games like Battleborn are too risky to make unless you plan to make it free to play or make it the best game that has ever been made. Making a MOBA game that is good, even great, just does not cut it anymore.


Like @studdugie said, 10 mans are the way to go for more evenly matched (and faster than q) pc games. Sometimes it takes a game or two to balance it, but it’s usually a far more satisfying experience than waiting in q for ages to either wreck or get wrecked, before restarting the process.

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I just did a quick match solo. My team was rank 10 and under (besides myself) against a premade of mostly rank 150. I’m on Xbox and even though I’ve heard that we have a larger player base (compared to PC) and obviously have a few new players out there, the skill gap and poor matchmaking make it almost impossible to find a casual match or an even match without a premade team. I have gotten to the point where I never expect to win if I am queueing solo. Solo queue in pvp is the ultimate hard mode. Where your team can never be relied upon to do anything but feed the enemy team and fail to stop waves. I’ve recently joined the Xbox competitive league and now I look at everything outside of that as practice. I’ve gotten pretty good at this game by playing “hard mode”. I’ve carried noob teams to victory although I won’t claim I can do that consistently because some people just can’t be carried and some teams cannot be beaten by one good player.
Is casual dead? I’m not certain I fully understand what that means but if you mean “can I solo queue in pvp and not get rekt by premades?” Then the answer is probably not.

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People are allowed to play games how they like, not how you see fit. That’s the point of the OP, a lot of casual players don’t want to jump in and get stomped by groups, they just want to log on for a few games and have fun. It’s not all about competitive PvP. This is another reason why a lot of people never even bothered going into PvP and stayed in the mission side.