Is Celestial Baroness bugged?

My lvl-33 Celestial Baroness has +.9 Ammo Regen. In my mind that means that it would take 10 seconds to spawn 9 bullets. I just timed 10 bullets and it took 39 seconds, indicating .256 ammo regen.


Bullet regen never made sense, it’s not per-second.

In Bl1 every weapon type seemed to have different rates even though the number was the same.

Maybe it’s percentage based?

Check out the regeneration table at the bottom of the webpage. Rank 1=1 ammo of that weapon type per time period (different weapons have different time periods).
Eg: at rank 1, 1 repeater ammo is regenerated every 2.5 seconds whereas 1 rocket would be regenerated every 16.75 seconds at rank 1.

Cool thanks.

So yeah, it’s impossible to know until you’ve tested it, since TPS probably uses different time periods than Bl1.

Didn’t Sals Hoarder COM measure it in ammo/second though? Seems odd to go back to the older, more confusing method.

Perhaps. Hoarder COM’s had team bullet regeneration up to +3.0. Instead of rank, it’s a decimal number. They might have changed it to 3 ammo per second at +3.0. Might be something to look into…

The original question was asking about a regen rate of 0.9, so who knows?

If the game still used the original formula for ammo regeneration, at rank 1 sniper ammo would regenerate 1 ammo every 12.5 seconds. So 3 ammo would be 37.5 seconds. So at rank 0.9 it would take slightly longer just for 3 rounds, however the OP regenerated 10 bullets in 39 seconds. This would suggest a different formula.

How I wish her or claptraps com regenerated rockets…this makes me want to play borderlands 1 again for that sweet sweet rocket regen.

Ok, did some more testing (10 pieces of ammo each):

Pistol: 14 seconds
Rifle: 12 seconds
Shotgun: 24 seconds
Laser: 9 seconds
SMG: 10 seconds

I don’t have all my ammo types upgraded equally, so I can’t tell for sure, but, it looks somewhat like the time is inversely proportional to the amount of max ammo per type…