Is Claptrap campaign DLC is playable on normal mode?

I would like to know about it. :smile:
I still remember when I played BL2 when I play all campaign dlc in normal mode then repeat them all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would assume so. That’s what it has been like in the previous instalments and I would safely assume that that hasn’t changed.

Yes. IN fact, I suggest doing it there first. Thankfully my claptrap is only level 32. So it’s not a bad level to step into the DLC.

It has different commentary when playing it in later playthroughs.

Ah. 32? So this is literally equal to Tiny Tina DLC’s minimum level then.
Too bad I don’t have any level 30. Just Wilhelm and he is just 17.
Anyway thank you. :wink:

I don’t know what happens when you enter the DLC at a lower level. I suspect you’ll want to be level 30 though for the normal vault hunter mode.

Why you suggest doing it in Normal first? as opposed to starting it in UVHM?

Do you remember how the dialog changed in the main game from the normal playthrough to the second playthrough?

It does that again. Your normal playthrough of the campaign DLC has different dialog than the dialog present in later playthroughs. Basically, the story of the DLC is being told to different people so you hear different things. I started to do it on UVHM as my level 58 Jack and I picked up on it immediately from how it was introduced.

So I went back to normal mode with my level 32 claptrap and started it there.

I decided to take a look at the new DLC even though my current character is only level 14. I got in, but now I can’t find a way out. I am stuck at the fast travel between Deck 13.5 and The Nexus. How do I get out?

Go to a fast travel station - either at Deck 13.5 (go back) or go on to Nexus where there is another fast travel station.

my little brother is having the same issue. His character was level 19. He tried to run to Nexus Fast travel and kept getting killed. He tried getting out of the VR area and couldn’t. The closest fast travel he could see was the one he can’t get to in the nexus. He looked in floor 13 1/2 VR area and couldn’t find a fast travel there either. Or anyway out of the DLC at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

If you can join another game with someone hosting you will automatically travel to their location.

Thanks. forgot about that.

I entered the DLC way too early. I was able to leave, but now that I am level 29 and have beaten the regular story mission I wanted to go back tot he DLC. Unfortunately I cannot find a way back in on deck 13.5. Am I missing something? How do I get back in?

Thank you!

Fast travel, select Deck 13.5…

Can actually use it to advantage, not so much as tricking or cheating, but exploiting, what the DLC allows: I know from experience the machines on Deck 13&1/2 and in the Nexus will scale as low as level 8, and if your wits are quick and your skill is good, you can get in as far as the 6-armed Claptrap in the Nexus at the Fast Travel, unlocking a grinder before you actually do Springs’ mission to repair her grinder in Concordia. Why do it?. Meh, just because. Point being, for a lower character, you have access to a few more vendors, another grinder, and the money and loot here. Unfort, the loot chests don’t drop below 30, so you’ll either be banking them for later (there’s a bank in Deck 13&1/2, beside the target range) or selling them for decent coin now. Play it right, you can exploit one of the glitched chests, and if you’re smart, find 2 other chests that can be farmed (lvl 30) each time you restart the game. Don’t worry about those lvl 30 ad bots: they don’t hurt and can be easy kills from lvl 10 upwards if done right. But definitely avoid the enemies below that 1st Vault symbol.