Is Claptrap just naturally OP?

I was able to kill the Invincible Sentinel and Eclipse/EOS on my first tries with an Audacious Sapper COM, Pirate Ship Mode and a purple Juicy Ravager. After seeing so many other people struggle with these bosses, I have come to a conclusion: Clappy is broken as h*ll.

yeah he is really high dps especially against bosses where a higher percentage of pellets are finding their mark.

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Jack is pretty OP in both survivability and DPS. But the easier fights for me with him are those where I can use my holojack novas very close to the target (shotgun to melee range). That said I have to give eclipse/EOS another shot with my recently level 70 Jack and his newer, higher level guns.

Edit: Also, now I want to keep leveling my claptrap and try out what you’re talking about.

Other than money shot, he’s nowhere close to op
But he has money shot.

But even without OLT I still 1-shot everything

With Jack, I’m pretty much invincible the entire length of my action skill and causing tons of damage. And if you end it early and be careful for the short refresh, you’re effectively invincible all the time. And I’ve tested it with my level 61 split screen profile joined to my level 70 UVHM game. Not only is the level 61 Jack surviving, he’s still causing his own fair share of damage.

He’s an awesome class.

As Nisha I destroyed these bosses on my first try as well. I’ve built a terrifyingly powerful glass cannon focusing on the use of akimbo revolvers.

Have you played as Nisha end-game? If not, give it a try, then come back here and tell us how broken Claptrap is.

Yeah I agree, Nisha is far more op than claptrap could ever dream of being. All he’s got is OLT and LnS. I’d say third or fourth best after Jack and/or Athena (Haven’t played her enough but I’ve seen some cool stuff).

Different folks, different strokes.

Imo this is how the TPS VHs stack up, all with top gear and broadly considering all combat situations…

Nisha - least effort, ‘broken’ OP, with auto aim + auto crits
Jack - medium effort OP, auto kill skills/healing. Has Nova spam option
Clap - medium effort OP - huge burst potential right out the gate, high sustainability. Optional Nova spam too.
Athena - needs high effort to reach max power against bosses, efficient mobbing
Wilhelm - laser disker, A0, overcharge, painting keeps him relevant in a party.

Really the game is too easy.

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I’d rather have this game be kind of easy rather than go back to slag city and fight OP8 Vora as Axton…


Nice summary, how would you describe Aurelia?

I have witnessed many people struggle in Holodome even with nonlegit versions of top gear. I don’t think they would complain about the game being too easy. Like you said:

oh right, Aurelia just slipped my mind…

I’ve played her 3rd most behind Clap and Jack, she’s got plenty of Damage output and crowd control for most of the game, but struggles with the end-bosses because of squishy-ness. That weakness can be covered with a good tactics+skill, sham-booming, and/or multiplayer partners.

Overall I love the way all TPS classes have varied ‘feels’ and a good mix of useful solo and party skills… It would be a dream come true if we got more content with unique challenges… I would also pay money for something like Digistruct Peak TPS version or even just a straight non-canon transplantation into the BL2 engine.

Like a mod or something… =X

uh nope, that gear isn’t actually super easy to get lol… been trying for weeks best i have so far is blue ravager. for mobbing clappy is second to none, but my dps on raid sentinel is so low the fight takes FOREVER. and this is with +5 OLT/47% explo damage mod, and blue ravager.

though i am also talking about the lvl 73 raid boss… is that what you’re talking about?

You can farm denial or golden chests (there’s like a billion keys out) to get either a glitched or purple ravager easy.

Clappy needs a little bit more special gear for speedclearing bosses (The Mongol, for example). A blue Sapper with +6 OLT makes quick enough work of most bosses If your gear is tailored towards maximizing DPS, obvi nowhere near the quality of Nisha or Athena’s boss clear, but its easier than you’re putting it out.

yep, preaching to the choir. i went through 75 keys this week no ravager. the blue one dropped off Iwa

Jack just wrecks everything with Deputy Jack build.

But there is THE most overpowered class in TPS and that is not clappy - it’s Nisha!

Easiest to use, highest DPS… really stupid if you ask me.

That’s what I like the most about Athena - you actually have to play smart in order to boil your enemy in the juices of your skill!

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I’d imagine the best DPS Clappy can achieve would be clears throat
A blue Sapper with OLT and SWAB, Pirate ship mode, a constantly meatshotting Ravager with 8 clip, and a Duality oz kit with +explosive damage in vacuum.

“you’re creepy mister”

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