Is claptrap still alive in bl3?

I think that many people that are going to play bl3 would like the option to kill claptrap in a main/side mission. Will this be available?

You will probably be dissatisfied to hear that you can actually help Claptrap build a girlfriend for himself. We will be collecting parts of destroyed Claptrap units to do that.

It’ll probably turn out to be Frankentraps monster more than anything else.

Why do you want to kill him? Because you’re annoyed by him?
If I wanted devs of games to implement sidequests to kill off characters I thought were annoying then Animal Crossing and Pokemon would have a lot more trails of bodies and gore than they currently have…


I’m sure that will go as well as any of Claptrap’s other schemes… Which is to say, we’ll probably have to kill a rogue FRKN-TP unit or something.

Just play the Robolution DLC in the BL1 Remaster - you can kill all the Claptraps you want!


I totally get people that hate Clappy, but for the most part, he is easy to ignore after the first few missions of the game.

Also, if you want to be the initiator of the Clapocalypse, play the Claptastic Voyage. Even if the DLC itself doesn’t make you empathize with Claptrap (you monster! …just kidding), you at least get Jack to kill all the Claptraps of the whole product line.

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This pleases me

What if his attempt to build a GF actually just results in letting the shadow-tp out of his head and into the real world?

Looking at his physical appearance in BL3 though they appear to have done a good job of showing how time and the Pandoran environment have effected him over the years. If they move on to BL4 and have another jump of numerous years there might need to be a quest or something to build a new body for him to keep him “alive” in the franchise.

Already estimating there will be a 4th one eh? Do you have a crystal ball? Because I so wish this to be true.

Crystal ball? Yeah I have one of those but its only good for talking to spirits which usually feels about the same as talking to random people in a retirement home.

My visions of the future occur when I sleep. Maybe my brain is pre-loading the world’s data? :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Is Claptrap still alive? Yes.

The only thing that has changed is the voice actor behind the voice.

Other than that, he still can’t climb stairs

Let’s kill Barry if/when we get Gen IV remakes. Then use a max revive just so we can kill him again. He’ll probably wake up so fast that he’ll bump into you and start a long dialogue scene, making you immediately regret reviving him.

While we’re at it, let’s kill everyone who said Whitney was hard. The Abra>Machop trade is right there in Goldenrod City! Not to mention we all traded Bellsprout for Onix in Ecruteak.

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His build-a-girlfriend actually dumps him on completion and hangs out in Moxxxi’s.

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