Is Cmdl3t still bugged?

Where your pet attacks you instead of enemies?

It was supposed to have been fixed in the January patch. Though I haven’t personally tested it to be sure.

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I see, I see. Hopefully it works. Trying to find one at the moment. Thanks.

I don’t know whether it was fixed or not but I seem to remember that it might have been fixed but now exhibits some other weird behavior. I don’t know for certain.

It’s funny, I have never once even tried the Cmdlt COM. I have done purple tree builds but none with that COM.

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Didn’t notice! I’ll give it a spin here tonight and see if I notice anything.

Let me know, ya?

Jury’s still out… it’s not, like, attacking me, but I can’t tell if it’s triggering on enemies yet.

Edit - It really doesn’t seem like it’s causing the pet (ION Loader here), but it’s not attacking me for sure… going to try it with a different FL4K.

2nd edit - I’m using a CoV Wizzperer (so I can throw lots of sustained damage to roll the dice quickly). Beefcake Jabber isn’t swinging at anything unless I point it out. :confused:


True indeed. Instead of fixing it GBX deactivated the special effect altogether.
Currently it’s not working at all.

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What a “fix”. Well atleast pets don’t attack you, I guess.