Is converting homeworld to VR possible?

I’d love to play homeworld in VR. I’m not even sure if modding the game to that extent is possible with the current tools. I wanted to get some experienced modders’ opinions before I jump down the rabbit hole.

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There’s this guy. Lots of Youtube vids and pics, but I really don’t understand most of his text.

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Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Nope. Not even with VorpX, as that’s a DirectX 9+ injector, and Remastered uses OpenGL, and Homeworld Classic is DX 7. You need full access to the renderer source code to implement any of the VR APIs, which’ll get you drawing to the headset. You then need to completely re-do the UI. I suspect Gearbox was playing with this, based on that time ‘Supported Headsets: Vive’ turned on in the Homeworld Remastered Steam page, but it was probably just an experiment that they dropped when it became apparent that it’d cost a lot of time and money to redesign the interface to make it play well.

The guy from sastrei’s link is, as far as I can tell, not actually doing any real head tracking. At best he’s mimicking Virtual Desktop to play Homeworld on a giant screen with a stereo renderer injected. Which isn’t really ‘Homeworld in VR.’


Thanks for the detailed response. I guess I’ll just have to wait for Homeworld 3.