Is Crazy Earl afraid of Captain Haunt?

Just noticed Crazy Earl’s Reroll Machine doesn’t work with any item with a terror annointment. Is Crazy Earl afraid of weapons touched by the lord of Heck? Sounds like the Mysteriouslier crew needs to investigate…

Seriously, just an FYI for anyone doing rerolls. Was hoping it would at least change it to a base annointment, but no such luck. If this got mentioned before, I missed it, so apologies.

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I believe its intentional given how the guns have bonuses directly associated with terror mechanics (even tho you could get them with other anointments in the valentines event, which imo was just something being overlooked)

Mentioned it elsewhere, but the machine won’t accept any item with an anoint it can’t roll, so that includes terror anoints and the old ones that got removed, like slide and airborne.
Guess it’ll accept terror anoints during bloody harvest, but not beforehand.

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