Is cross platform still on the cards?

I know pre release there was a fair bit of talk about cross platform play/saves. With Sony opening the door more to it recently, is this still something being worked on?

At the moment I play on xbox and my son plays on ps4, so I bought 2 copies so we could each play on our preferred console (and so I don’t have to share gaming time in lounge lol). I’d love to be able to do a co-op run with him and end game stuff on our mains. He’s the only person I know as in to borderlands as I am lol.


Cross platform that currently exists between Microsoft and Sony is all on servers owned by developers…

As this game works in multiplayer by having the customers host sessions that others can join - talk of cross platform play will likely only stay as talk. Something that would be nice but totally dependent on the industry changing the way things work as it is.

That sucks, there was a fair bit of talk about how gearbox definitely wants to do it but it wouldn’t be ready by launch. If other games can do it I’m hoping gearbox can follow through with it too, couch co-op is painful so I’d really like to cross play with my son.


They would need to set up servers. It will come down to profit. Who pays for the servers and if the investment is worth it. If they think it will draw in new players or sell more dlc, then maybe. Dont get your hopes up as nice as it would be.

That’s a shame, if they weren’t willing to lay out for server costs they should have been talking like it will be a feature before release

Yea it’s been posted about alot, and was mentioned again recently by that randy guy on Twitter. So here’s to hoping it comes. I know my friend won’t buy it without cross platform as I own it on Xbox, and he only has a pc.

I would think xbox-pc crossplay would be easier because they are both microsoft. With ps4 players sony would have to also ok it.