Is Cryo the Best Way to Take Down Badasses?



At length.

On short range yes and no, freez them and then on load a powerfull shotty on their critspotts. On long range one weapon, the luck cannon.

Conglomerate cryo Bullpup destroys badasses and eats them for breakfast. Fridgia also works.

Fatale for Athena. Then tediore them to pieces.

Depends who you are. Aurelia, obviously. Wilhelm and Claptrap get a lot out of the Freeze N Splode combo, a Robot punch or a flakker will kill almost anything. Nisha, Jack and Athena are to powerful for their own, or more importantly the Badasses own, Good.

Freeze + explosive powerhouse. It’s my means of last resort against any badass in my face. When my shock and incendiary don’t do squat, and he keeps coming, he gets the shatter treatment.


*Damage? I don’t have numbers to back this up, but if you’ve got explosive weaponry capable of critting, probably?

*Strategically? It’s a huge tactical advantage to have them immobilized (and open to damage buffs from #1).

*Fun? Half the reason I freeze and shatter enemies is to see the resulting spray of ice shards (you are playing with Physx on high, right?) :blush:

I can’t think of an alternative to damage and strategic options that are better than cryo? Immobilizing enemies with a huge buff to the right sort of damage is hard to beat. The DoT is no ball of fire compared to other elements when matched to the health bar properly, but I think we’re talking about freezing enemies?