Is Cryo useful?

I just got 3 really powerful cryo guns:

  • Faisor
  • Breeder
  • Bitch

I like all 3 of them but i’m not really sure if cryo is an element worth using in this game. What do you guys think? I’m thinking of just holding on to the Breeder in order to help control extremely large mobs from over running me / my team.

Bitch will probably delete majority of the game with ease.Apart from the obvious immune to cryo enemies.

Cryo is great, dealing normal damage against flesh and increased againsts armour. Most of all, my main character is Brawl Amara and frozen enemies take x3 melee damage. With a powerful cryo shotgun that insta-freezes most enemies that’s just ridiculous.

And of course, it slows down enemies even without freezing them.

It’s pretty cool.


I use alot of cryo weapons personally, Artic Night Hawkin has gotta be my favorite weapon in the game. Love the freezing effect, and the slowing down effect the times it doesn’t freeze them.

/Claptrap laughter