Is DiB more consistent damage than SF?

Would it be beneficial to skip a capstone altogether like this.

I know that the skill Short Fuse is better than it reads. My current understanding is that SF is great damage and potentially more damage than I can get from DiB with this setup. I saw the no capstone skill tree from a Moxsy build he just posted for MS mod and he was saying DiB is more consistent damage than SF but from reading the forums I see the testers saying SF is so much more damage especially if you get SSB.

thats really situational i guess?
DiB works if you have consistent waves of adds additional to your boss
SF generally works better with high fire rate weapons and lower pellet count

That makes sense. The MS mod he was using was a +shotgun. So maybe DiB is better. Does MS proc for each pellet?

It depends on the gear you’re using. In the second one, get rid of Armored Infantry and just get Forge (unless you’re really trying to take advantage of Click Click with certain guns).

The first build without SF, there’s some guns that will work better for. What class mod are you using? What Artifact and weapon anointments? What guns?

For MS, shotguns are usually not the greatest choice. And you can get away with not using SF on MS pretty easily.

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Im just gonna hop on this thread as far as i understand short fuse cant crit right? Or does it count as grenade for Holy pin?

Or does it consider hit zone before calculating its damage? (since it does “% gun damage” whatever thats supposed to mean)

If it cant and youre youre not getting insane value off the splash. The capstone is absolutely horrible. Like much much worse than every other comparable skill.

In the vid he was using a Shotgun MS with Tiggs Boom and last stand Otto idol. The build seemed good but would probably be better with a BM

I think that this Guide will help you understand how Short Fuse works:


short fuse is only reasonable to skip with a high pellet count weapon, as it can only apply once per shot and applies based on the pellet that applies it. so, weapons that fire 20ish pellets will only apply SF once on a single shot and the SF damage is based on the single 400ish base damage pellet that applied it.

short fuse’s performance is also independent of fire rate. its proc pool is on a binary string, so it will always proc at the same points along a sample of shots fired.

the reason the build you saw in the video doesn’t take SF is specifically because he is using perfect rolled Tigg’s booms in 4 elements. if you’re using Tigg’s that aren’t at least 13 pellet weapons, short fuse is going to be better damage and isn’t worth skipping. if you’re using mindsweeper like he is in that build, its also better to skip the extra points in bottomless mags and take the consistent damage and survivability from SoR. because he’s using high pellet weapons, he can take all the damage from both SoR and BM.

again, this is only better because of the weapons he is using. if you take that build and then throw lower pellet count weapons on it and/or an assortment of different weapons, skipping short fuse would be a mistake.

from what i could find (admittedly from trying to skip around and find it) he doesn’t explain this at all, which is unfortunate because it doesn’t work towards understanding how moze’s skills apply damage.

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cheers Yulo missed that entirely

tl dr; it doesnt scale of base gun damage but rather gun damage after modifiers which is pretty sick

now if only it wouldnt add so much visual clutter - bleh

His build caught my eye bc I really want an effective way to use the MS but every build works better with BM or GM. My current build is MS and Kyb’s for goofing off but when it comes to TTD I go BM. You’d think the micro nades would help but the damage isn’t there. Not consistently at least