Is DLC Pack 1 just Alani?

So I’m in the office, first day back hoorrrayy… Wondering if there are any new maps anscampaign missions. I have the season pass so I’ve had Alani since last week but there hasn’t been any news (from what I’ve read) regarding additional content to accompany Alani. I was under the impression that by DLC pack “X” they meant character along with additional mission(s) and multiplayer maps.

They didn’t say it was a dlc pack, just an early release for us.


Get all five Battleborn DLC packs and five keys to unlock heroes 26-30 once they are released with the Season Pass! Each DLC pack includes a brand new Story Mode Operation, one hero key, and additional unlockable skins and taunts.

New Battleborn content doesn’t end there! 2K and Gearbox plan to support Battleborn post-launch with free content updates that include five new playable heroes, bringing the total roster to 30, and additional competitive multiplayer modes, maps, balance updates and community features.[/QUOTE]

So no, Alani isn’t from DLC pack one, it’s the hero key to unlock her, there’s a story mission yet to come as well as unlockable skins and taunts.

The new characters are free for everyone, they’re not part of any DLC pack.

The DLC packs will be campaign levels, basically.

Got it thanks for the info!