Is Doppelganger Jack the Opportunity Jack the Body Double?

So… did we kill the vault hunter Jack, or did we kill another body double? This factors on whether he’ll be available for BL3, The Vault War(s).

We killed a different body double.

The Body Double in Opportunity used a Pocket Watch to look like Jack, and did a really half hearted voice. Timothy had plastic surgery and would never say “I am Jack and I am Dead”

It is another body double, Angel herself said it was “one of” his body doubles, hence my theory that the REAL Handsome Jack isnt the one we killed in front of the Warrior.

I don’t think so: remember Jack’s voice and demeanor just after the Eye and stuff gets pulled into the singularity, and he throws that piece of machinery through the window? Sounded exactly the same, and had some identical turns of phrase as the speech before Jack dies.

Bear in mind Timothy had a voice modulator put in that made him sound identical to the real Jack, aside from the person either admitting it, or if there is a “tell” in the fakes mannerism that separates him from the real one which youd think the scientist would have gone through extra trouble to eliminate its almost impossible to tell them apart, so theres no way to know it. I still believe the things the Vailt showed were not excerpts for us, the fans, to see but visions Jack saw, it only makes sense we already know how bl2 goes, it benefits us none to see what happens, UNLESS theres a reason behind it!, therefore backing my theory that Jack saw these things prematurely thus the preparedness for the Body Doubles and the setup of Wilhelms fall, and possibly the demise of the Warrior, maybe they were small pieces in a much larger game.


Nod, it’s just that the Doppelganger, as you play him, shows a very different personality… I don’t think he’d buy into the gig enough to act his part as he was dying. Maybe we’ll find out more in BL3!

Having just finished a TVHM playthrough, and watched the vision scene,I think Lilith cut short the vision to where the Warrior leaps out of the lava onto the huge Vault symbol, at the beginning of the Warrior fight, so that Jack DIDN"T get to see the death of the Warrior, only it’s awakening.

If they are anything like the fanatics you find in Opportunity many were willing to fight and even die for Jack. So it does make sense someone would sell out to be his duplicate in every way. Whether for money for himself and or family, power and recognition, there are many probable reasons for these guys to do it, whos to say guess we will just have to see.

I’m with the Timothy-lives camp. As pointed out, Angel mentions that it’s ONE OF Jack’s body doubles, not THE ONLY ONE OF. Timothy is the first, but clearly the Hyperion CEO has deemed it necessary (or at least COOL) to have more than one. Also, Timothy can summon digiJacks. Failing that, he’s at least CONSIDERABLY more badass than the chump we ruthlessly slaughtered in Opportunity. I mean, the guy was a friggin’ VAULT HUNTER! ON THE MOON, AND IN SPACE, AND STUFF! How cool is that?

Which also leads me to believe that we may not have killed the real Nisha in Lynchwood, either, but that’s a different story entirely. She was also very weak.

Anyhow, I’d anticipate seeing Timothy again, perhaps actually BEING Jack in the absence of the real thing, perhaps with Blake pulling his strings. Gotta keep the company together, after all. And since Jack basically murdered the board and executive leadership of Hyperion, and since we know that Blake is no dummy, it stands to reason that he’d ply one of Jack’s doubles into service to keep the company together, at least long enough for a transition, and to withdraw from Pandora without necessarily ‘giving up’.

Sorry, I have the teasers for BL3 all playing in my head already, even though I doubt anyone’s actually even storyboarded them yet. Timothy MUST live!