Is elemental damage worse here than Borderlands 2?

(Lumpy Chump) #1

Im playing as a rocket launcher brick. Playing through the claptrap DLC, and I get to knoxx-trap. I pull out my corrosive-helix maliwan launcher. It does nothing.

How is it fair that elemental rocket launchers are classified as elemental proc damage? It wouldnt be a big deal if these guys
Knoxx (and knoxx-trap)
Queen tarantella
Rakk hive
The destroyer

took any elemental proc damage, or Damage Over Time.

(odiscordia) #2

Whew…where to begin lol…coming from the simplified ( extremely dumbed down) systems operating in BL2…there is a lot to learn about bl1. Every gun type behaves differently in regard to elemental dmg/ proc. Rocket launchers are not effective against large health pool enemies, and Knoxx in particular is immune to dot. Your best strategy against him is extreme critical damage, which brick has exactly none of. Using mordecai at end game ( level 69 and Knoxx at 72, I can do something like 1/6 of his health bar with a well placed masher (like the maggie) shot. However, revolvers and snipers all have a built in crit bonus, so that’s probably your best bet. If you can find a good equalizer 2 shot masher, brick does have a loyalty com for tediore that increases dmg so that might work for you. Rocket launcher brick is a tough one. Rocket launchers in general were handled poorly in this game.

(odiscordia) #3

I guess a better answer to your actual question would have just been “boss type enemies are usually immune to DOT” lol…sorry

(Lumpy Chump) #4

My main point was that slapping total DOT and proc immunity onto a bunch of bosses was kinda lazy.

Widow maker, the spider ant you fight in rust commons east, is immune to both corrosion and electricity, but not fire. She is weak to fire, which is the only element she doesn’t attack you in (besides explosive). It’s just weird that they put more effort into the elemental properties of some out-of-the-way unique, than most of the main bosses.

(odiscordia) #5

Dude, this is BL1. Weird is the name of the game ;). Hehe seriously tho, this game man…you just love it for what it is, with all its bizarre bugs and glitches and things that just don’t make any sense…or ya don’t. I do, personally. Hell I was even posting on one of the random threads something like " mysteries of BL1" just pointing out silly little things that don’t add up. (Like why the hell does my character jump out on the passenger side of my monster for no reason lol)

(Lumpy Chump) #6

I love how the claptraps all have dialogue for how you can’t progress yet. Most of which you would never talk to beforehand.

Mainly just musing thinking about how a possible remaster could be different.

(odiscordia) #7

I actually played 2 before 1. I had 1 for 8 months before I put it in. It kinda threw me off a bit at first…but I was poor and bored so kept playing. I am now officially 100% addicted to this game. I never hardly play 2. The more you learn the more you realize you don’t know. The whole parts/prefix/ Stat system is something that veterans that have 5+ years are still figuring things out about. I was pretty sad when I found out the handsome collection didn’t include 1.