Is ELO Stil A Thing?

So, just wondering:

Is ELO on?

Has it always been on?

My win / loss ratio is not that impressive - coming up on 6000 PVP matches and only sitting at just over 60 percent wins.

And, while it will happen sometimes, I very rarely come up against the elite players / teams (which I don’t necessarily mind as they generally destroy me).

Whereas good friends of minec, who are a lot better than myself and whom I know have significantly better W/L ratios than myself seem to spend their sessions playing no one but those players and teams.

So, why?

Thanks in advance!

If it is it’s very loose, I’ve played a lot of the better people but I’ve also gone into matches where I was the only high rank person right after that


From the games I had this weekend. . . image

Or they reset the ELO sometime during my Battleborn hiatus.

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Whilst W/L is kinda the only way, it’s a bit of a dodgey one in my opinion.

My W/L is obviously gonna be a bit higher from playing in groups than in solo queue, and that doesn’t fully reflect a players ability.

Then again, I’m not sure how to make a better system. Some sort of leaderboard system? IDK :confused:

I guess I’m glad ELO is loose!

Not sure if what I said made any sense but let’s go with it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the main difference for Me now is that I used to play Battleborn late nights into the early morning, whereas now I generally start playing around 9 am and rarely have matches past 11 pm or midnight anymore.

I think their system is rly smart, when the population is low the elo loose but when there are similar players in the pool it tight.

Not saying is perfect, not even close but is rly impresive when you see at what times u play and what skill lvl are the guys who get in ur team.

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It’s weird because when I solo queue I still get matched with high CR players but the enemy team will almost always consist of low levels only.


Reads title and nothing else.

No, i don’t think Electric Light Orchestra plays anymore…



Bad Toby! No derailing!



Same thing with me, which is why i rarely solo anymore. The last three times i soloed in the last month, i was up against 3 or 4 consecutive games against new players, and i quickly got off of Battleborn each time. It’s even worse when your high-level team is farming the low-levels, and i am forced to do all i can to quicky end the match.


That’s how the system works as far as I understand and it’s a good system with a healthy playerbase since it is not much fun for both high and low skilled players when the teams are random (it can turn into battle of the carries really fast and the low skilled players feel a bit useless in the game). But with a small playerbase and a very wide range when matching teams against each other, this turns into Elo hell and you only have the “winner teams” and the “loser teams” in the pool to choose from. :frowning:

Resetting Elo on everyone in short intervals and basically forcing every player into smurfing that way might randomize the teams a bit, but it’s only a very crude solution to the problem (and premades are a much bigger problem then, so solo/duo without keeping teams after the match would be preferable). :confused:


Yes. That’s how it should work. What I find irritating is that I always get matched against low lvl teams when there are other high lvl teams in MM.


Despite how frustratingly difficult they were, I really miss Verses Draft and Solo Queue, if only for keeping team comps (relatively) balanced!

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Draft was no better for matchmaking balance than the regular Incursion queue. Low levels just tended to stay out of it.

Solo/Duo was the absolutely best option I’ve seen for getting balanced matches of high and low levels across both teams.


My experience with solo duo is that it has to types of people in it. First: people that don’t like getting stomped by 5 mans trying to avoid them. Second: very experienced vets confident enough to carry a pub team against another pub team.

This is not balanced.


Dont forget the teams who looked to get matched together.

I saw a couple of ppl in team of two looking to get matched together making a “premade” of 4…


I’ve only seen that happen once before, but than again I gave up on solo duo pretty quickly.

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I disagree with both, and recommend that solo/duo and Versus Draft be run simultaneously on a trial basis, to limit pre-mades in all queue options.


The problem with elo and solo duo is: high succes rate players are “usually” playing in a premade right?

They usually dont like to go solo or duo. Solo/duo for those who have high elo is pretty empty or you face the same 10-15 ppl changing teams over and over.

But is the same with draft and premades. You find the same teams over and over.

Edit: over all, there is not an easy solution. But who cares if new players can find more balanced matches and improve.


I’m down for a trial to test and see how it goes. Personally I don’t care what the queues are because I’ll play anything.

Except face off. ■■■■ face off.