Is Energy Rift Damage Constant?

Is the amount of damage dome by the pulse of an energy rift constant for the lifetime of that rift, or does it adjust dynamically for each pulse? For example, suppose Kleese has an item active that increases skill damage by 5% upon killing a minion. He puts out an energy rift that does 100 damage per pulse. The rift then kills a minion. On the next pulse, will it do 105 damage, or is it stuck at 100? If it kills another minion on the next pulse, will it then do ~110 damage on the subsequent pulse?

The last part about it increasing again is a strong no.
The rest… I’m gonna say it’s constant. Ik for a fact that things like Phoebes ult change, but deployables like Sunspots and rifts do not (from what I’ve seen and think)