Is Every Character Specific Legendary Worth Using On That Character?

Ok, so I think I’m going to play only my Mastered characters (18 so far!) today until the 4X XP ends.

Gonna finally mess around with shard gen + double Legendaries.

So I was wondering - is every character’s lore legendary worth using on its specific character (in a PVP setting)?

Thanks in advance.

no, not many unless it absolutely fits your play style. Like for instance, if you already use a shield generator for a guy and his legendary is a shield generator and the stats are better with the lore than onther, go for it. I play a ton as kleese, but i don’t like his lore item for PVP. I use the one that does damage on death to add to his explosive chair. Same stat bonuses, just higher on the other legendary. It just makes more sense to me. Plus i take people out all the time with it.

Some suck super bad, like Ghalts and El Dragons.

Some are absolutely ruthless in PVP


I may or may not have them (haven’t done much legendary farming), but are there any Legendaries that are just good across the board for a variety of characters?

Thorns is solid ( curse at full draw ), and Toby’s is amazing ( 2 mines ).
Play style and access to other gear is always a factor.
I use Montanas but only because I don’t have Pain 2 Gain.

As far as others good across the board, Solar Sustainer is a great choice for any healer.
Bolas Target finder for attacks who are skill heavy. ( I love this with Reyna )

Simple truth is try it out with different combos and see if it fits your play style.
Lowlidev has a great database to research and compare gear.


As the others have said: no! Ambra’s, Alani’s, Montana’s, and Whiskey Foxtrot’s are all good ones. I think Ghalt’s isn’t bad, but it’s effects only “fire” if you hook an enemy into one of your traps. Still, the extra cooldown and skill damage aren’t anything to sneeze at. I don’t like OM’s, ISIC’s and Orendi’s. For OM, I use reload and sometimes recoil reduction. For Orendi, I’d rather have the Bola’s Target Finder and possibly the Firmware depending on who I’m up against. For ISIC, it’s The Modernista, which has a higher shield capacity than his legendary and has cooldown time to boot. Basically try 'em out and get rid of the ones that you don’t like.

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No, absolutely not. Melka’s sucks. Isic’s is pretty lame, too. Galilea’s is marginal; I use it because I don’t have another regen piece that is even close to it. Kleese’s is pretty good, and from what I have seen, Ambra’s and Ghalt’s are great.

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Thanks, all!

Definitely gonna do some 'sperimenting today!

It’s more about character type.

Like, solar sustainer is a pretty solid choice for healers.

Vow of Vengeance is a pretty solid choice to melee.


Generally speaking, I see most character legendaries as a “starter” legendary for each character. It’s worthwhile, its generally more useful compared to two epics + a shard generator, and often it highlights things you should be doing with that character based on the tertiary effect.

That said, most character legendaries just aren’t as good as getting the pair in which all three stats are focused to exactly how you play that character, with the exception being character legendaries that do something you can’t get elsewhere.

For instance, Orendi’s legendary only boosts your Shadowfire Pillar damage if you miss with one. If you pick the DoT, that happens very rarely, and as you improve your timing and positioning with her pillars you’ll see that bonus less and less, so I prefer the Codex Fragment for the extra health with skill damage plus the Firmware Update for cooldown on Orendi (as skills are basically the best thing she does.)

There are plenty of other examples, but with the exception of character legendaries that do things you otherwise couldn’t (such as Attikus or Ambra,) they’re not top tier for their character, and even then not always the best choice depending on playstyle.


Ernest’s legendary is also good. It’s easy to get your money’s worth by hitting minion waves with a single mine.


Yep. I forgot to mention his. I only use Ambra’s, Alani’s, Ernest’s, and Montana’s. I have Ghalt’s in a loadout, but since I rarely play him, I haven’t really messed around with it. I’ll probably switch it out for something else eventually.

Oh, Kelvin’s is very good too: having that extra Chomp after a miss does help even though its cooldown is pretty low (5 seconds I think?).

Rath has a pretty good legendary. You can get an extra 10% on life steal with genetic siphon. It will also let you have 10% life steal on skill damage if you choose Swordsman’s Salve instead of 0%

I’m pretty sure Ghalt’s legendary will go from a little underwhelming to downright useless when they change his stun to a slow.

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I have all lore legendaries and many are crap, others are situacional and some are rly good.

Crappy legendaries dosent give a change or other legendaries do a better job:
Orendi you need to miss a pillar to get dmg buff, is good if you cant aim pillars
Boldur i cant remember the last time my shield broke…
Reyna used to be good with plasma pulse bug making you heal x2
Isic im not sure that rotating wards last enough to make your aegis break worth it
Ernest untill lvl 5 cd dont let you sustain
Galth only increase scrap trap dmg in 33
Melka hahahahahaha poor melka, her meele range is short and her hp is so low
Oscar mike is a nice speed if you stack speed but thats it
Pendless you can finish squishy healers fast enough to dont need wounding
Miko only works in one pulse
Dragón your base meele combo and clap are the real dh source not his skills

Situacional legendaries require specific factores to be good:
Caldarius ult can kill a battleborn and full heal if múltiple targets get hited.
Galilea gets a masive life steal against stuned targets amazing if your party is stuned focused
Deande depends on your style, it can be great for dmg or to escape but is not such a big game change
Marquid is stupid good if you can crit in a constant way (mix it with chrono key and drop ults)
Attikus is slow and this Fix it making everyone slow!
Benedict if you can survive its slow reload speed untill you can pay 1800 this is great!
Montana let you fire a bit longer, is usless if fire path is chosen
Phoebe it can stack infinitly(or something) its part of her hold right and left combo, if you stack a lot of attack speed this combo dosent work properly
S&a some say is awesome to finish off a fleeing target but i use them as an endless shield tank

Great legendaries change the game play:
Thorn gives a 25% extra dmg at full draw
Rath is a constant 10% life steal for a total of 18-29% or20-40%
Kelvin extra chomp means more shield and helps if you missed the first chomp
Wft 23% reload and 15% attack speed synerges realy good with other gear
Ambra becomes a fireball wizard lvl7
Toby lets you stay middle range and make meele characters fear you
Kleese gives the self sustain needed
Alani that extra hot let her heal with 1 stack low hp targets like melka and slowly fully heal them

This is my opinion and i think there are better legendary substitutes for some lore legendaries. Some maight be good but if you cant use its passive it becomes a shard waste, others you need the buff asap and cant wait that long.


Um you can use:

Thorn’s (but its pretty debatable)
Ernest’s (you’ll heal like 49 a hit late game)

Honestly in most cases if one of the legendaries is a hero specific you can’t make use of the GG combo’s. However, I will say Rath, Toby’s, and Gali’s are all very usable due to the nature of their effects either being healing or 4 second stun. Rath’s passive gets near 30% life steal and skill steal, and Gali can hit around 4-5 times on a stunned target heal herself for about 200-250ish (counts on minions and thrall).

It can be hard to justify Ambra’s on her because you can run Bola’s+Solar sustainer. Then anyone you sunspot offensively take’s 20% more damage on top of anyone engaging deals 5% more so you get a huge damage swing, about 10% from norm.

Like if you run Orendi there’s not really a reason to run anything other than Bola+Voxis or Barrowed Timer + Voxis/Bola. You are literally at the tippy top of the damage floor at that point. If you trigger Barrowed they die because lmao double pillar storm (there’s some cheesy Alamo stuff if you want as well) if you land a pillar or paradigm with voxis+ bola’s that’s a ■■■■ ton of added damage.

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Thanks, all.

Can someone please post the link to that legendary guide?

I had to format my phone so my phone s my bookmarks got wiped.

@loving-hatred you have it right? Could you hook me up?

You can search by different criteria



Wizards have a limit of fireballs each day, and are infinitely more squishy.

She’s more like Bowser.


Mellka’s is buggy (you will start seeing the reload animation run twice), counter-intuitive (if you need to reload quickly, you don’t have time to melee - the effect assumes you are continually meleeing between clips, which never happens), discourages canister spamming and sniping despite this being core Mellka play, and is outclassed by blue reload items which give similar reload speed for a fraction of the cost.

This legendary was not designed for Mellka. It was designed for whatever melee hybrid Mellka might have once been in the game’s development cycle.


It depends she could be using a staff with limitless charges and her gauntlet summons orbs of healing