Is Farming for a Sandhawk Possible?

Is it possible to Farm for the Sandhawk and Pimpernel in the Capt Scarlett DLC on a PC? As both guns are turn-in rewards I’m not sure how to work it. Would I need to inspect the gun and if it isn’t the one I want hit Quit & Continue and play through the level again? I am trying to get a Shock Sandhawk for battling with Pyro Pete.


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Not sure on PC specifically, but do the quest, save just before turning in the quest. Then go back into the game, turn in the quest. If it’s not the version you want, get out of the game without saving. Continue that until you get the version you want.

It is possible using the “Read-only” method. At the moment I don’t have time to give step-by-step instructions, but will get you that when I can if someone doesn’t chip in sooner.

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Make sure Claptrap’s Stash in Sanctuary is empty.

Locate your BL2 save files (for me it’s Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2/WillowGame/SaveData/[long ID number]/). Right-click the one for the character who is farming the quest reward. If it’s not obvious, just alt-tab back to desktop while you’re in the game, and it should be the one most recently modified. Select “Properties” from the right-click menu. At the bottom of the Properties window you’ll see “Attributes: [ ] Read-only”; check that check box and click “Apply” at the bottom.

Now return to the game and turn in the quest. If you like the quest reward, head to Sanctuary and put it in Claptrap’s Stash. That information is saved separately from the character saves, so it will stick around. Otherwise, quit, select character, and click on your character again. The latter step is important because that’s what clears the memory and puts you back at the point of your save file.

Repeat until you have as many quest rewards as you want. It’s standard practice to get a Pimpernel of each element, and a Sandhawk of every element except slag. When you’re done farming, alt-tab back to the desktop and uncheck that Read-only box, hit Apply again, and you’re back to normal.

You might want to look at the parts guide Jefe posted below to get the most out of your farming.

For the Pimpernel, my farming rule is that the following are acceptable: Barking or Gentleman’s prefix, Jakobs or Maliwan grip, Hyperion or Dahl stock. For Zero, I believe Banbury is also a good prefix, and the Maliwan grip would be preferred to Jakobs. For Maya the ideal is Barking-Jakobs-Hyperion. Though either of the two stocks are excellent. Derch has an entire video about Pimpernel parts comparisons, if you’re curious.

For the Sandhawk, nothing matters more than the stock. It must be Dahl, no exceptions. Dahl stock gives you a four round burst instead of a three round burst, which is huge. Grip - Dahl is preferred, but Bandit or Maliwan are fine. It would be nice to have a prefix but demanding the Flying prefix (which is best) will enormously increase your farming time, so I do not recommend it. Especially for Maya or Zero, since they have other ways of mitigating the slow bullet speed. If you happen to get an elemental Flying Sandhawk with a Dahl stock, take it regardless of the grip. :slight_smile:


I use this version of the parts guide as it’s been updated to include SMG info AND shield parts :


That’s the one. And now I’ve finally remembered to bookmark it. Thanks! :slight_smile: