Is Farming Worth it

I’ve still got a few things to farm up, is it even worth it though? We’re getting a level cap increase here shortly aren’t we?

Apparently it’s an item in the next Borderlands show:

I’d wait for more details from that before making a decision.


Have not replaced all essential gear yet, and really dislike farming after baby step level increases. So if GBX is going to stick to that I´d say farming is a waste of time, considering the odds to find what you actually want. Gonna play the DLCs/Events and move on to other games in between. Makes me a little sad, as I have thousands of hours playtime in the franchise, but this time I am just not as hooked as I used to be.


Not even if we weren’t getting a level cap increase.

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trading will be your best bet…

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I still feel they should’ve talked about the loot drops if even to mention that it’s being worked on. There’s nothing wrong with farming but when your pursuing a item 50, or 100 times or more especially on console, it becomes even more apparent and definitely more time consuming. Annointments I can see being harder to come by but not necessarily the drop.

In every other loot game the answer would be: YES.

In BL3 the answer is: