Is Fl3K a country music fan?

I hope not but can he play the Banjo like Hank III?

The Electric Banjo?

Anybody tried Megavore/Head Count with the Banjo and Gamma Burst build?

I’m not even a FL4K player but was just pondering about this possible interaction. Ideally, the concept would be to use the interaction to gain resets on Gamma Burst (or Fade Away) through Megavore and Banjo constantly spreading AOE crits in mob dense areas.

Just a passing thought about a way to maybe play FL3K.

I would imagine that FL3K would be in to Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Not sure about FL4K though… Also, sounds like an interesting concept to check but I’m still a ways off that personally. I do have a few different level Electric Banjos to play with though. So awaiting actual game input on this one!

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Been a while since I’ve heard some Flecktones! Been even longer since I’ve known anyone that listens to them!

Good thought, and yes, I have tried it. Not with Gamma Burst, but I have tried the Banjo on Fl4k with FA and Rakks both.

Number one, yes, with the Banjo, Megavore, and HC, you have your action skill literally just constantly with all the crit procs.

The number two, however, is the issue, and that one is that Fl4k’s survivability is not fantastic. Using the artifact slot, which for most Fl4k builds is an Otto Idol of some description, for the Banjo is a BIIIIIIIIG sacrifice. Fl4k really misses the healing when you use the Banjo, at least on Mayhem 4.

P.S. - I live in North Carolina, and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones played a show here in Winston-Salem a while back. I listened to him a little bit back in the 90s. Reference is not lost on me! :rofl:

I personally kind of feel like Fl4k would be into like, oh, I don’t know - Philip Glass or something?!?:rofl:

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I think more along the lines of Peter, Mary, and Paul for a more laid back mood, then Disturbed for when FL4K is really feeling that death boner.



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Theme music for Fl4k meeting G0R7Y5 for the first time (my name for my “little friend” the spiderant).

Oh snap, me too!

I’m in Asheville, I got homies in WS!

I know what my next character project is!

Im about to shelf the game tbh, I don’t feel like re-farmibg hears for 3 measly levels and no knew content, just because lol but if I level a new character, it might soften the burden(since I need to gear FL3K fresh anyways).

I’m really trying to keep loving my franchise but damn, Gearbox keeps kicking me square in the ballsack for doing so.

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Tried it before on fadeaway, he really needs an otto idol. And not gonna trade elemental projector out for banjo since megavore makes brainstormer that on crack

Wasn’t Gortys the name of the robot thingy in Tales from?

Yep, and my Fl4k is L04d3r807. :wink:

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