Is fl4k as effective without using snipers?

Now that we have gamellay and stuff, id like to know!
I honestly dislike snipers, even though my sim and reaction is good, I’ve always found them slow and boring.

Im torn between zane and flak and I’m more of a pistol/smg player!

There’s a skill augment called Guerrillas in the Mist that makes it so you can spray unlimited autocrits while invisible? That sounds hella SMG friendly :slight_smile:


Effectively answered in the other thread you posted the same question in - please read back up the thread a bit. Thanks!

I read it but its just a long argument stating if snipers are or aren’t better so its impossible to tell

To put it simply, FL4K has one skill that increases critical damage at a longer distance. That can work with any weapon. You can play them, literally never touch a sniper rifle, and be just as effective as a FL4K that does.


It honestly looks to me like Fl4k’ll be most effective with shotguns, smgs, and assault rifles.


It really looks like he’s gonna be a Jakobs shotgun king. Auto-crits + Jakobs bouncy crits…


You could just pick up shotgun and just shade away towards faces with it