Is force feedback viable now?

I have it skilled
I just can’t really tell if does anything but just triggering the recharge so maybe it is, like other things like shield boosters, not 10% of your output shield value but just 10% of your shield mod? Which would be close to nothing for most red tree builds?
Does anyone see or feel a difference?

It didn’t seem very helpful to me at all. You already start the charge with guardian rank on any kill and I wasn’t getting much back from that 10%. I didn’t pay close enough attention to see if it was only 10% of the base shield or my boosted shield ( was sitting at 39kish) so even if it was 10% of that 3.9k per crit kill wouldn’t be much anyways.

If they made it work like FCOWA I’d be all over it, but since it doesn’t still feels ■■■■ to me.

If it works off your actual values I could see it being good for big shield builds but someone else will have to test that.

I would still like it to be on critical hits and with the current strength it wouldn’t even be op (like rushin offensive is, ROFL)
Just not a fan of kill skills^^
I think they would need to change a lot of stuff from base value to end value like shield and HP boosters too
That looks like a bigger issues to me
So many useless things in the game

if they insist on keeping FF proc on crit kill, they will need to do something extreme like adding a 0 to the 10% for the skill to be worth taking


That’s what bloody shields are doing for gaige just that the kill doesn’t need to be a crit^^

Some quick comparing shows how ridiculous some things in this game are xD

I mean, many enemies are able to 1 shot our shields, so why ain’t we allowed to 1 up our shields xD

Yeah it’s quite disappointing that Gearbox went back to the drawing board to think ‘how do we buff FF?’ and adding 10% shield capacity is their best effort out of that. You can have your entire shield capacity of 100k or more, potentially obliterated in one shot. Landing a critical kill just so you can get 10% of that back, and have it stripped away again in a fraction of a second as well as any source of damage cutting short the recharge process?

Now that TCP is in a more considerable position, FF is easily Moze’s worst skill despite the ‘buff’ it received. Its activation clause is far too conditional and for such scant reward. Honestly, they should just make it where landing critical hits gives you a percentage of life steal but for your shields. We’re at a time now where the SoR tree could do with a fresh injection of incentive when it’s having to compete with the DW tree and Short Fuse and the damage + survivability buffs that’ve been bestowed upon the BM tree.

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Don’t forget wcicatg tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really. As a Bloodletter, i would prefer life steal to quickly regen my 100k shield. And on a headshot hit, not kill.

yea but it does something
like, not enough
wcicatg does NOTHING XD

Yep. Maybe it could add some grenade regen on kill, instead.

we already got enough grenade regen
throwing 2 grenades at once or having 2 grenade mods would be a worthy tier 4 skill

2 Grenade mods is too powerful, even if it were a capstone. Should just make it throw two grenades at once. Could still keep the name. “Why can’t I carry these?” Then proceed to throw them all.


yeah, being able to run a CMT + a transfusion-generator-singularity pangolin would give you an extra bounce, singularity effects and a stupid amount of healing.

grenade mods are not grenades, they modify standard grenades with an effect. you can chuck grenades without a mod equipped.

lol what if the skill became a five percent chance (with iteration pool) to throw literally all your grenades at once with that skill. That would be awesome!