Is Galilea meant to attack while sprinting?

I tried starting to sprint while attacking with a few other melee characters and couldn’t until I had stopped attacking, yet Galilea can move at full speed while attacking.

If this is intended it certainly seems over-the-top in combination with the shield stun, desecrate pull, desecrate silence (in terms of preventing escape abilities,) desecrate slow/speed increase/size increase and movement speed increase after landing the shield stun when it comes to her ability to stick to people.

If this is not intended, it should probably be fixed before other balance changes are made.

I would assume that it drops her out of sprint speed but I have never tried it. I don’t use her in PvP due to the fact that she is still grossly overpowered right now. Whoever thought it was a good idea to give her a ranged melee attack should receive a hearty gentleman’s slap from Marquis. I think she is going to get even more nerfs in the near future.

Sad part is that running around also gives her the 3rd hit spin combo.

Something Rath had to Helix into to enable.

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You have blasted the forums with your thoughts on this character. Your thoughts are not aimed at being mean or rude and have been thought out. Some share them some don’t. Ether she will be nerfed or won’t. Which some will like and others won’t. Find a way to kill her or don’t but for everyone here just move on man, move on…