Is gaming your main hobby?

As much as I love gaming, I try to make it not my main hobby, or else i’ll be glues to my chair 24/7. I play guitar most of the time when i’m not at school or studying. Occasionally i’ll game when my fingers hurt from playing or when i’m just looking to relax. Sometimes I won’t play for weeks, but other times i’ll be playing everyday for like 7 hours. Just depends on my mood. But yeah, guitar is my main hobby. Love playing thrash metal.

Is gaming your main hobby? If it isn’t, what is?

It’s either gaming or modding for me. I plan on getting into video game developement, so I really doubt my schedule will change besides driving to somewhere so I can make things for video games.

Id rather say anything tech is my hobby.


I guess that would be more fitting for me, as well. Just electronics in general.

Does it count that I workout quite often?
But no, I’m not a Krieg-ish guy yet.

Me? I am a disco fiend.

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Try not to. But it does change my train of thoughts for awhile when I’m alone.

I really like gaming late at night, especially online games. That’s usually when the kiddies are asleep and all the really stoned and chill people get on. I find them mumbling to themselves much better than hearing people rage and get too serious.

Gaming is more of an unwind for me, it’s after the wife and son are in bed and I get an hour or two to just play.

I play tennis, garden and also fish

also do this


Does petting cats count as a hobby? Because thats my hobby. As well as doing things and stuff with this place.

Since its winter time, I am doing more gaming then usual. My creativity goes into the dumps with the whole S.A.D thing.

My other big hobby I like to call “plastic crack” aka miniature wargaming. I love Warhammer 40K! I’m well known around here for my conversion work, as I can sculpt quite well. Here is one insane creation that one of my friends said “would make him throw up” lol. It’s a Maulerfiend of the Word Bearers.

Bottom picture just shows all the bits off. They are held on my magnets. Makes it easier to transport, and also a good way to show damage, as weapons can be removed from damage.

Had to do some digging on another forum to get the unpainted photos. Green/White-ish areas = I sculpted.

And one more super heavy conversion of mine. A Daemon Prince of the Word Bearers.



That looks insanely good. I could never be able to sculpt like that. You have much talent, my dude

Id have to say it has easily became my main hobby. I work in a fast paced service oriented business and gaming is a great way to unwind. For awhile my hobby was buying stuff from goodwill to refurbish and resale on ebay for extra cash.

Definitely mine and my husband’s hobby. We spend most of our free time playing video games, other than that we love to watch British murder series like Sherlock, Foyle’s War and such on Netflix.

I mostly play games and read. Mostly…

The Lords of Chaos grow stronger. Khorne has arrived.

Gaming used to be the thing I did the most. Probably what cost me the most failed modules are university, haha.

Now I practise a variety of things with the aim of getting into games development. I work as a software developer for my full-time job, which makes practise quite hard (limited time available!). I used to do some low-poly modelling, I manage a couple of games mod. teams and my current fix is working on game tools in Java and practising my sprite art.

Here, have an assortment of random sprites including a really quick penguin I did for the girlfriend the other day :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: had to remove the waving penguin, GIF compression was screwed up :frowning:

My hobby is thinking. When it begins to suffocate, I often turn to games.

I guess it’s more of a hobby now but 10 - 15 years ago when it was basically my job. I even had exceptions made at my college to have certain ports open through the school firewalls so I could participate in tournaments because it was my “career” and sometimes financial backing at the time but that’s long over. I used to do six or seven hour scrims with clan mates and now I can barely go two hours without feeling like my eyes and hands are gonna melt. So no, it’s definitely not my main hobby, I honestly don’t know what my main hobby is. I could say martial arts but that’s something I’ve been doing for 20 years and it’s more of a lifestyle and practicing for hours isn’t exactly a hobby… maybe I’m a hobbyist photographer? It’s not paying the bills and I don’t do photography all year so yeah, hobbyist photographer sounds good.