Is GB *ever* going to fix the bank inventory?

Why is it that this still happens constantly when going through my inventory?

I have to constantly scroll around to get the images to load properly so I can see WTF I am looking at. Why is this even a thing? I have never EVER seen a game have so many problems with a basic UI element like this and the devs just completely ignore it like it doesn’t exist. Seriously WTF.

The other inventory thing that is just baffling is when interacting with the bank if you withdraw an item from the bank the inventory window randomly “resets” and puts you back at the top of your bank window page forcing you to scroll back down to figure out where you were previously? This is highly annoying when trying to withdraw or compare multiple items. Why is that still a thing?

This is especially bad considering the absolute MESS the inventory is. 300 items all just lumped into one huge inventory for all your characters with no way to organize it which brings me to the final gripe. Why can’t we get bank tabs that we can name and color so we can organize all this loot in a manner that makes the inventory less INSANE?

Custom bank tabs would largely resolve some of these issues by allowing us to make a tab for each character or for each loot type or however we want to organize it. Seriously, how can a small F2P game like PoE figure all this out and a AAA studio like GB seems so oblivious and/or uncaring of their own game?


This is really annoying, often to see the skills I have to take the items and put it into the inventory

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Same. Many times the only way to view the item is to withdraw it from the bank. How is this acceptable for a game that cost 100 dollars?

Probably is a memory issue, like the loading textures of the slot machines prizes for example… I’m on ps4, I don’t know if other platforms have the same problems

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probably get hounded for this but i didnt see the need for changing the bank to a shared bank.
at all.
what you did there,was wipe out the over 8 other characters banks i HAD and replaced them with one shared bank.

congrats,you successfully wiped out 7 collections of banks/weapons mods and so forth.
even a headsup would have been nice,so i could have created more accounts but nope,just wham bam all your farming was for nothing slam.

maybe you should just make the bank Much larger and stop fiddling with the shared carp?
having multiple mules on a diff account has become useless,except for the 40 backpack spaces.
also,its funny how you share bank spaces but i have to spend millions on each mule to get the 40 backpack spaces…Rollseyes!

yep it’s super annoying to get to see my class mod properly. Other thing that bother me is the weird way the items are sorted, I a m not even talking advanced stuff but if for instance same type class mods could be gathered together…

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I’m on Xbox One X and see it all the time, originally thinking it’s normal, but now I know it’s not.

One thing I found (not that it helps any) is that when looking at two COMs side by side for the same character, you will be able to see the skill icons. But with the haphazard way the items are sorted, that doesn’t happen often.

Also, what is the point of allowing me to mark things favorite/trash if it keeps resetting it.???
Or does this just happen to me?

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The markings only stay that way until you move out of your inventory. If you mark them in your inventory they stay that way unless you move them to your bank and then it goes away after you log out or change zones (I think).

I believe it has something to do with how the bank works. If you notice, each time you revisit the bank it has all items labeled as “new” with that obnoxious “!” icon. You can clear them all but the next time you visit it’s all “new” again. If it can’t remember that things aren’t new I doubt it can remember if it’s marked as trash/favorite.

Just more evidence that the bank is broken and needs to be fixed/reworked to not be a huge PITA.

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Ahh, that little bit of comfort that comes with the knowing that we all suffer together.