Is GBX burnt out?

We’ve all been making/replying to posts about how Mayhem, balance, modifiers, Takedown, anoints and weapons suck…

And these past few months have been crazy (w/ COVID, protesting, drama over pay bonuses, etc)

Then it hit me…what if the Gearbox team is just really burned out? What if they are just tired of the constant hate from the community? What if they’re being held hostage by Bungie to make Borderlands more like Destiny??? (joke)

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that they’re regular folk with families and their own problems outside video games…

Do you all think we’re too harsh in our criticisms of GBX or no?


well, i feel like people could try to sound more constructive and give actual ideas instead of “you lost me”, “thats it”, “you ruined the game”, fxxk you", etc.


There’s some news in the borderlands webpage that noelle doesn’t posted here so maybe. Lol


I do feel for them a bit, as I am sure that they feel like everything they do results in anger. That probably makes for a stressful work environment.

However, that doesn’t mean the criticisms are unjustified. This game has become a total mess, the likes of which I have rarely ever seen in modern day gaming. The absurd lack of QA with their patches, the extremely poor ideas, releasing game modes that are clearly half-baked and incomplete (I mean the fact that grenades and chests don’t even scale with Mayhem levels is just silly…), the endless performance issues, the non-functional matchmaking, and overall fundamentally lacking an understanding of good design mechanics can’t just be overlooked.

I am sure they are trying their best and I think all the criticisms that suggest otherwise are unfair; but they are bit like that guy at work that works his ass off, but keeps making mindblowing, head-scratching mistakes. At a certain point, you gotta call him out and ask that he do better.

Yes I will agree with this. These posts are ridiculous and I have no idea what people think they are accomplishing.


It feels like problem sits at a managerial level, although what that is I’m not sure. I recall reading about Anthem and how Bioware didn’t really know what they were building. The more we see of BL3 I’m not sure they know what they are building. So many things like the Mayhem modifiers, Annointments, Nerfs/Buffs/weapon stats overall just feel like they are casting around for ideas rather than driving on a coherent vision for the game and that is too many teams for the problem to be down the chain.

The creative elements like art, level design and music are all tippy top it is on the gameplay end of things that everything is suffering.


Agree completely…just seems like the community directs hatred at the people rather than their work …the stress must be real


To be fair, people have been giving constructive criticism since before the game released. When skill trees were first teased I remember seeing on these forums (the official GBX forums) how gearbox needed to make sure action skill scaling for pets/Iron Bear was set up properly for end game viability.

Where did that constructive criticism and valuable feedback get them…nowhere. GBX didn’t listen let alone act on it and it’s still broken, quickly coming up on year later.

That’s just one example of hundreds of forum post with input from the community that was polite and important but ignored.


This is a great post and I 1000% agree. A lot of the patches that come out, like Mayhem 2.0 ruining 3 months worth of balance changes, point to the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. A lot of the end game feels very direction-less and it feels like it is one of those companies where someone suggests a random idea, everyone just nods along without much of an opinion, and then they go to work and “give it a shot.” They need someone who is a certified looter addict to come in and paint a vision; not just for end game design but also organizational processes such as testing.

A lot of the issues definitely feel like they boil down to a lack of cohesive leadership; which, if you read about the BS that this company experienced related to the last Aliens game and check out some of their other review scores, it makes a lot of sense. As a former programmer myself, it really makes me feel for the developers on the lower rungs of the ladder.

One thing I have always said about GBX: they can run circles around anyone in terms of artistic creativity, but their technical skills and organization definitely seem below par.


i know
but it just doesnt help to insult them
sometimes the devs cant even decide what to do because the publisher stresses with release etc.
we dont know whats going on in there and then corona hit etc.
just keepin being polite and constructive will help them more


I mean burnt out or fed up and on a skeleton crew because of recent events? I cannot imagine moral there is doing well at all given the state of things and given the year end thing that happened to all the employees.

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Godfall is not developed by Gearbox.


… maybe


I feel bad for them as people in their individual lives having said that as a customer who purchased a product no not at all the company that made my product chose the live service model and continues to botch and break my product doesn’t get pitty but I’ve also stopped playing it stoped being fun you know the reason you bought the game to begin with

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the reality is that positive feedback can only be given for so long before it becomes anger and I mean months think mayhem positive feedback and that got us mayhem 2


Hoooly crap! I never noticed this…guess that says it all


double meaning.

the planet is already wrecked so the description is not anymore correct, so the scouts note is someone needs to update it.

the other one is the conspiracy theory that gbox employee is sabotaging the game.



That’s a joke referencing the fact that everyone on Minos is dead

I agree with this

No it won’t because the people in power don’t care.


Could be both lol

Ohh right, makes sense

…Still, that’s a real slick way to file a complaint lol

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