Is gear grade and option have proper decision?

(yougimmespam101) #1

first, sorry for bad english.

I think all gear have too much gap.
same grade, same name, but not same option. little gap is not bad, but 3~5% difference in same gear?
and some high grade gear have low-level option. I don’t know why legendary/epic gear have low-level option like rare/uncommon gear.
if high grade gear not have high-level option, no one play story mod or purchase gear pack for high grade gear.

and if characters specific legendary gear not have same option and can’t get chance for another same specific gear, please fix this.
everyone do same exertion for challenges so eveyone has the right to get same reward.

(Axezor) #2

I think that the idea of making limited items with variance in rarity and not allowing to equip the same twice it’s a good one, opens the farming specific type of gear more.

this makes easier to sort out junk or good gear faster knowing that you;re not allowed to equip the same item in a loadout even if its different rarity.

(Bizzerker_Bauer) #3

I agree. It’s still that it costs so much for purple gear packs when you have a better chance of getting a good gear piece by just buying blue or faction packs and get the same stats but with lower activation costs. It’s also silly that Legendary gear usually ends up with such low and/or situational boosts.