Is gear too weak?

I’m curious on opinions about how strong gear is right now.

Outside of Legendary bonus effects, actual stats are pretty…lackluster. I mean 7-8% sounds good…until you realize that we’re talking about like 7-8% of very small numbers. Even on a big ult ability that hits for say, 500, 7% boost would only make it to 535 damage. On the flipside of this 235 health is like one ability or a couple AA’s at most and 5% damage reduction is pretty tiny too.

I know that numbers all around aren’t terribly high in BB, but I just wondered if people think gear is ok right now, a little UP and want the %'s boosted by 1-2% ORRRR maybe even switch to flat numbers instead of %'s?


For one, not everyone has access to all of the gear options, so breaking them up into smaller numbers helps people without specific gear still manage to compete against those with specific gear they want.

And two, you can stack three items with the same trait in different ways to add up to more than enough… on my WF I typically run well over %20 attack speed on his gear… any more would just be ridiculous.

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Frankly that’s why I tend to not use damage gear. I feel I get a little more bang for my bucks with movement speed, attack speed, shield pen ( high % ), shield regen ( flat value ), or even shield regen time or recoil reduction. Those stats that are often overlooked but are very useful too. Flat +health I feel is one of the most powerful.

In the end it depends a lot on the characters but I still think +damage is kinda weak. Which is probably a good thing, really.
Other than that, I feel like gear is in a right place. Legendaries may be UP or OP, especially for the fixed cost they have, though. Some are downright stupidly powerful, which is an issue since luck is required to get them in the first place…

How about the negative stats on the gear?

Sometimes I get a blue that is worse than my green just because the stats are less than a percent better and the blue has a negative stat.

It should be even weaker.

ANything that gives an advantage over a new person is bad. Say this person is new, but they’re actually better than you at the game. They understand it, some people are savants like that. But you have your gear, and you have twice his HP, do +50% more damage than him, and take 25% less damage than him. Even if you’re not great at the game, you’ll probably win against him.

How is that fair, from a competitive standpoint?

High amounts of shield penetration through several pieces of gear is very strong. Shields regen, health in general is much harder to recover. High shield penetration tends to either kill people unexpectedly or force players to port back to spawn, taking them out of the fight temporarily.

I find that a lot of players don’t know that you can port back and heal though…


Which is hiiiilllaaaaaarrrriiiooouuussss…

And also needs to be in a tutorial somewhere.

Dam! What gear is going to give me bonuses like that?

he’s saying you can’t get gear like that… because battleborn doesn’t have extremely unbalanced gear options…

For some bonuses, like damage as you stated, it is arguably on the weak side. Ones such as build cost reduction, Shield/Health capacity and movement speed are a bit more noticeable.