Is Gearbox ever going to concede that Battleborn is dead?

I know I am probably going to get a lot of hate from the community for this comment however we have to be real about things and now is the time. During the last week we have as little as 21 players playing Battleborn on PC and at its best it is not that much better with 121 players but most days it barely pokes above 100. I know it is not healthy on the consoles either as others complain a lot. I have been watching the stats for a long time and each week there is a steady decline of players. So many fans in here are expecting the next patch to turn things around when in reality the game is basically over. The main core of players have left, these are the people that bought the game for full price at launch. They are no longer here (except for a few very faithful). There are no more battleplans to be seen and there is only the hope that Gearbox delivers another update (final? probably) that will basically mean nothing with respect to resurrecting the game.

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Should I compose a eugoogley?


I’ll spare the usual comments others will try to post. You know the ones “consoles are fine”, or “there’s a community of private matches on the pc”, “a console has a small league of competitive players” and so on. I agree that the game has survived for far too long. Based on the lack of updates for the past several weeks, we can easily assume that the devs are focusing on other games. It’s a good move if they intent to keep making profit.

Not much can be done at this point other than just be loyal to the game we enjoy. I’ll just keep playing it while Rath doesn’t bored me to death like all the other of my mains have in the past. I don’t expect the devs to pull a miracle for the success of this amazing game.

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[small, relatively unadorned tombstone]





Is anyone gonna shut up about Battleborn being dead? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably not but oh well.

Everyone knows the situation, low playerbase on PC, pretty healthy on console.

They’re working on the next patch for the game, so Gearbox most definitely haven’t given up.


And the point of the o p is …?




Breaking Character…

There was a a Battleplan… like… two weeks ago though.
And they’ve announced server maintenance on Monday.
And they’re doing a Livestream on Tuesday.

Also, doing stuff like this is the equivalent of me going over to the Borderlands section of the forum with a post like… “Is Gearbox ever going to concede that Borderlands 3 is never coming?”

There’s no reason for it. You’re just making yourself a lightning rod for all the people who are still here who actually enjoy the game.

Now, regarding my earlier comment, I would never make a post like that in the Borderlands section, as I do personally enjoy the Borderlands franchise for the most part, and I want them to do a fantastic job with the next one, take their time, and do it right. But if I did, I would only make myself a lightning rod to the general community over there.

My point is posting threads like this is not really conductive to accomplishing your goals.

Also, I think you’ll find there are more than a few of us in the Battleborn section who also love the Borderlands franchise. We just happen to also love Battleborn. We’re not really your enemies dude. And that goes right back to… there’s no real reason to post something like this except to make yourself a lightning rod.


So are we gonna have to see a post like this everytime somebody has to wait too long in a queue?


There aren’t many of them really that’s kinda the point.

It has reached the point now that for every 1 person enjoying Battleborn there are 250 enjoying a Borderlands game. Of that number there are 20x playing Borderlands 1 and that game is ancient, Battleborn is only just a year old… Battleborn is simply dead.

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I guess that’s about right, as in reality those people waiting in the queue are probably spending more time in here than in the game.


You know you don’t have to join in. You can just ignore a thread you don’t like.


If GBX hasn’t given up, neither will I. I’ll only consider this game dead if the servers are shut down for good. I know that the PS4 still has a thriving community, even if it is a small one, so Battleborn is still very much alive to me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to continue to make the most of this game and what it has to offer with everyone else who’s just as dedicated.


Pointless topic is pointless.