Is Gearbox ever going to fix the online matchmaking?

It easily takes half an hour to even match with someone in Maliwan Takedown and I can’t seem to match with anyone in CoS or Proving Grounds. Obviously this game is far from dead (I hope), the online matching system in BL2 is obviously far better than what we’ve got for 3 so any hope Gearbox is reverting to that design and at least fix the current system so players can get some online coop experience?

Agreed. Matchmaking is poor to put it politely! Your best bet is to (try to) find some decent players in clubs. :smiley:. My GT is whatevercb. Xbox. I love BL3!

@Marvelous_A. Im UK , lol, never sure where forum people are from! :smiley:

I think it depends what mode and system you are on. Everytime I matchmake for Takedown on TVHM on PC, I’m in a match within seconds 2 minutes max. Everytime I open my Slaughters to public I have people joining right away.