Is Gearbox planning to do something about modded gear at least on consoles?

First of all, I have nothing against people who are having fun with modded stuff. IN THEIR OWN GAME. If it is entertaining for you to one shot everything whilst being invincible or you wanna speed up the farming or launch yourself outside the map, it’s fine by me.
What I don’t like though is a possibility of someone having modded gear joining my game and crashing it with a grenade that spawns over 9000 MIRVs. So basically I can’t keep my game on public anymore. And it’s also close to impossible to find a public game to join.
And yes, I know that “Looking for group” posts exist, but 99% of them is for trading modded gear. And recently some of them asking for guns that are made to crash the game, cause griefing is fun, right?

Can we have some sort of setting that we can turn on for the game to check the legitimacy of all the items players have if the host got this setting on? And if a player joined have something modded, they simply cannot use it, like you can’t use dlc guns unless you bought the dlc (or modded these guns). I’m pretty sure it won’t be too difficult to implement, but it will make the community healthier for sure.


This will never happen. Not Gearbox policy about modded weapon + it would literaly kill 80% of trades and even content creators. When you see Joltzdude or Moxsy, with absolutely perfect gear in builds they propose, perfect rolls on COMs, triple amp shields, etc… there is no way this has been dropped in a legit way. Modded gear doesn’t necessarily mean turning a weapon into 1 shot crashing gear or a COM into a 10 lines bonus one with anointed effects.
You can mod gear with legit rolls, make the stuff you want, with good rolls that would take forever to drop legit cause this game’s rng is busted.

Only way to avoid public lobbies memes is to play with friends or looking for people online who share your views about what Borderlands is about.


there is sanity check in BL2, removing modded gears, but modders find another way to bypass those checks.


What I mean by optional legitimacy check is a check if item can exist in the game at all. I’m well aware that all these perfect rolls youtubers showing off made in a save editor and it’s totally fine as long as this item have a chance to be obtained legit.


Ah, I see what you mean. Would be nice indeed but like Nat said, they usually find a way to bypass that and I think Gearbox already expressed a neutral opinion on modded stuff. Could be mistaken but I think they said its ok if people want to mod, they just expect modders to be civil about this and not ruin other people’s sessions.

I think they were a bit optimistic on the last statement :stuck_out_tongue:


save edit =/= mod


They found a way to get rid of modded gear in BL2 once so I can see it happening in BL3 with the new technological advances. They probably just have to run a script that removes any gear that cannon be naturally produced like the wonky 1 shot kill weapons or infinite capacity shields. Although that it easier said then done and unless people are profiting from it I doubt GBX will do anything about it this time, not sure why I believe that but that is just my 2 cents. I would personally love for modded gear to be gone and for people to play the game the intended way though, so heres hoping they do make an update that makes it impossible XD

Never have. Never will.

This is why I only ever play these games with friends. For every cool rando I have meet online at least a dozen others were filthy cheaters or other forms of human garbage.

I seriously got kicked from a BL2 party for sporting the heads you got from having a BL1 save because “dude probably bought that skin”.

Multiplayer on borderland is pretty terrible if you don’t play with friends you know.

Just the random modifier make it nearly impossible to play with random players online properly.

Damn I miss old M4

It’s a shame these threads never end well as I feel like this is something that needs discussed and addressed.

I’m with @nat_zero_six, there needs to be a sanity check to at least make these d-bags have to try a little harder to ruin co-op play.

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Goddang filthy cheaters, bad cheaters! bad!

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I see plenty of perfectly rolled god gear all the time during my playthroughs. Just because you haven’t doesn’t meant they don’t drop…

BL3 does have a minor sanity check. It’s in dire need of an upgrade, though. Modded gear is just not fun at all.

I’m pretty sure they could implement a check for legitimacy of gear.
Tho that is a lot of work but I think it would totally be possible.
All they actually need to do is to fill in the values the legit weapons can have if the values aren’t right guess what that piece of gear won’t be useable in an online lobby that way they also would stop the spread of those modded weapons.

Hate doing the devs thought process for them…

I have to add that its quite unlikely that we will see some systems like this until most of the gear got balanced properly.
As long as they didn’t get the balance right with frequent hotfixes the work they would have to sink into a task like that would be tremendous!

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How are these getting on console? I thought you couldn’t edit console saves.

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You can’t, at least on XBOX. But thanks to their weird shift friends system for crossplatform play between Epic and Steam, you can send these items through in-game mail. On PC you gotta have shift account linked with your steam or epic. On console different shift account linked to PSN/Xbox Live and different Epic/Steam. And you gotta be Steam/epic friends with the console player. That way your console linked shift account will appear in game on PC and you can send stuff to it only one way though.
I tried my best explaining. Does that make sense to you?

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it’s allways been a “part” of BL but isn’t discussed because it’s against the rules…

but nothing they realy CAN do :roll_eyes: local saves :wink:

Damn it. Why did they add that feature? The only advantage of console was no hacked items.

they didn’t. it’s not a feature, it’s a bug. it’s a side effect from when they enabled cross play for epic and steam and it only works if you own the game on both PC and console, both linked to the same shift account.

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