Is Gearbox pulling a Valve on us?

Everyone was expecting of Half Life three for so long (Valve did announce they were working on it) and it never ever came. Valve moved on from being just a game developer to become a publisher just like Gearbox is aiming to do. Valve did eventually make a new game Dota which was a hit however they have for some reason completely abandoned their Half Life fan base (Gearbox has made Battleborn and 1V1 and we have seen or heard nothing yet of BL3, yeah the tech demo does not count). I feel with the announcement of the new exciting, this is what we are into now “1v1” project and the focus on Battleborn as well as Gearbox’s interests in becoming a publisher as it’s main business focus that we may never see the light of day of Borderlands 3. Also so many people central to the success of BL & BL2 have departed, including the voice of Claptrap, and I am very concerned that Borderlands 3 is dead in the water. I have not known Gearbox to be this disjointed from their fans ever and have very bad feelings about anything new in the Borderlands world.


Wasn’t they quiet on the pre-sequel front too?
I didn’t even know it was being made until it was almost ready to release.

They’re probably busying away with BL3 as we speak , and don’t want to reveal anything until they have something meaty to show us.


Wait. Do people actually think Borderlands 3 isn’t going to happen?


There IS a reason that patience is a virtue, haha. Not everyone has it…


yeah, ok. borderlands is hands down their most profitable ip. they actively supported BL2 until late last year. BL3 will be here sometime next year.


I have word from a reliable source that BL 3 is in development. They couldn’t give me any deadlines and I’m not about to ask unless I can ask them privately. This whole thread is nothing but conjecture designed to stir up emotions.




considering gearbox flat out said they were working on it, yeah. its somewhere around here.


Half Life 2 Episode 2 released in October 10, 2007
Today is August 31, 2017, so almost 10 years.

Borderlands 2 release September 18, 2012
Pre-Sequel Came out in October 14th, 2014
Today is August 31, 2017, so not even 3 years have passed since PreSequel

So no, they are not pulling a Valve, come back when we are waiting for almost a decade. Okay?


Gearbox did not make Pre-Sequel, they decided their ongoing interests lie with Battleborn. They let 2K Australia make Pre-Sequel. Now Gearbox are turning their attention to Project 1V1. I am sure Borderlands 3 is in development but concerned it has entered into developmental hell and may never actually get released.


clearly you don’t understand how long it takes to make a game. im not talking about CoD here, which, btw, is still a 2 year development per game. they just stagger them so there is one every year. your average AAA game, which BL are, takes 18-36 months to develop. Hell GTA5 took 5 years. Diablo 3 took 11 years.
So, basically:


I hate that I am able to laugh at this statement.


The irony just kills me. They basically abandoned battleborn and its barely a year old.


I know it’s coming so I don’t really worry about not hearing much on the development phase. Im actually glad I’m not seeing much being the game is prob at least a year away. They would get me all worked up like they did with previous borderlands way ahead of time, I’d end up standing in a cold shower with controller in hand trying to calm down.:joy:

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To say the game is in development is one thing, to say the game is progressing well is another. Borderlands 2 was pretty much an epic game and I think most people will agree. It feels like they threw the kitchen sink at it. To repeat such a success must be the most difficult challenge and it is quite likely things are just not going all that well. I think Gearbox took all their amazing talent and focused it onto a new project simply because it is easier to define something new that to follow on from a mega success when you have thrown all your ideas at it. So if the are in development for BL3 they will need to deliver a game that is on par with BL2 at a minimum and I see that as the hardest task to achieve. They have talent at Gearbox, there are so may talented people working there however if the idea for the game at the top level is not mind blowing then no matter how hard all these talented people work on it, then it will just not make it. The good example for this is Battleborn, as it is an amazing game but just has no soul, nothing to say play me I am different and intriguing and compelling. What we ended up with is a game that was competent, distinctive but just not attractive overall. There was nothing in that game that said to the masses come and play me and become addicted, in the way that Borderlands did. Now the challenge for BL3 (whatever it is called) is that it is emerging from BL2’s shadow and better damn well be spectacular in every way. This is why I think it may not arrive. I just think they most likely don’t have the magic formula to repeat BL2’s success. Game development is freakin hard to get right.

So, your entire argument for it not ever arriving is that it might not be able to compare to BL2. I can’t decide if your a troll or a moron. Possible, probably both. no company is going to sink 60m+ into a game and throw it away. Since, BL2, this is a new engine, there is no recycling that can be done. everything started over again. 2k, if it somehow flops, They’ll try to recoup something. but there is absolutely, 100% no ■■■■■■■ chance in hell short of apocalyptic collapse that BL3 won’t be made and released. In which case there will be some salty ass zombies.


Its easy to worry that BL3 might not happen or that it wont live up to expectations , but I say have faith.

BL2 was a worthy successor to 1 , and I believe 3 will be aswell.
Gearbox have shown that they’re not afraid to try new things , which we want in a new game , but I’m sure they understand that it still has to feel ‘Borderlandsy’.

At the end of the day we can’t know whats going on behind the scenes so its a case of the good ol’ “wait and see” :smile:

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No soul?
It’s part moba part hero shooter with a cast of wacky characters

Battleborn died because of a lack of marketing and trying to go against the titan Blizzard.
It had absolutely nothing with the game having “no soul”.


So who else here put in to participate in the closed technical tests of Project 1v1?


I did.
But right now I’m focused on the beta for RAID:WW2