Is Gearbox pulling a Valve on us?

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Not me. I hear that Gearbox is scrapping BL3 and putting all of their resources into Battleborn…

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You forgot Brothers in Arms, which is also in development.

You may well have missed that, in addition to opening their Quebec City studio (which might be where BiA4 is happening), GBX engaged in a major hiring spree at there home base. IIRC, this was all about the time that 2KAus was releasing TPS and we got the first tease of Battleborn (still one of my favourite videos).

So, i’d be very reluctant to judge what Gearbox is capable of doing based on past performance, simply because the company has undergone some significant change in the meantime.

Edit: Current staffing numbers and “90% working on the thing you all want us to be working on” in the twitch stream at ~46 minutes.

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The only thing I’m not liking is the near total silence, gearbox sprinkled concept art and whatnot all the time during the development of 2 and TPS, in fact I still have acopy I saved oh so long ago:


And this for when there was a bottle for a scope on the bandit weapons:


I just wished they would do this, I’ll feel a hell of a lot better when they start doing it.
And no, I don’t count the tech demo “thing” that only showed off some of the stuff the new engine was capable of. BL3 could could literally look like BL1 and I’d be content.

I’d take anything, concepts for new enemies, locals, guns, npcs, anything of that nature.

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its too early for any of that.

you might be surprised at how late in the game that final visuals actually get made, and a lot of companies are loathe to put out anything they have even a smidge of doubt wont make the final cut (and even so those things still get scrapped unexpectedly), and they also dont want any spoilery images either, so that severely limits what theyre willing to put out.

hell, borderlands changed artistic styles to the cel shaded look at the last moment. everyone thought it was going to be another realistic shooter up until then.

long story short, if, IF bl3 gets scrapped, gearbox doesnt know about it yet/it hasn’t happened.
And like gulfwolf, i too have reliable information.
i live in gearbox’s backyard. lets just leave it at that.

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Thanks for that. So basically as an insider to the inner workings of Gearbox you are telling us it is still a long way off. I mean you are in their backyard and all, and have vouched this information as genuine. I remember Gearbox teased BL2 with artwork and gameplay for a full year before it came out and since they have a pattern for releasing in September ahead of the rest of the holiday season competition, and they have nothing to show now then we most likely won’t see the game or anything else from Gearbox for at least two years.

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If you watch the stream I linked above, you’ll hear RP himself say that “there’s no product until it’s announced”. GBX have become INCREDIBLY tight-lipped in the last while (probably since the first Battleborn tease.) A lot of us think that’s a bad thing, but we don’t own the company, so we don’t get much of a say.

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Randy P actually did announce it in a video ages ago (from E3 or Gamescom maybe) that they were working on the next game in the Borderlands series. He would not reveal the name then either which in itself is quite suspicious. I think a more accurate term is that “there is no product until it is released”, Fable was announced, developed and canned because it just wasn’t coming up to speed.

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Emphasis on working

Game development is a long process and if they want to live up to the hype they may have to work on it longer.

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I told you. Another year at least.

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You worry too much. And with that, I’m out.

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I’ve got to say this made me laugh with the whole it’s not out type of argument as it’s core. If you know anything about software development you’d have realized everything you just typed was completely inaccurate in relationship to Gearbox. They’ve been nothing if not great when it comes to how they run things in development regards. Ih sure they outsoruced to 2K games but they also make great stuff.

Finally I leave with this meme which probably speaks for most of us here.


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It’ll come, be patient.

HOWEVER, I must admit that I have not much confidence in BL3. And 2K is part of the reason why.


While I don’t enjoy the lack of info, I can certainly understand it. I recall the anguish at people ‘not getting what they were promised’ when early info proved to be not in a game (I.e redesigns of the bandit weaponry, above, and A:CM).

I don’t blame Gearbox. Not one bit.

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You mean they left the game off on a spectacular cliffhanger ending which hasn’t been answered for 10 whole years?

No? Then just wait it out and see.

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A:CM was an overall disaster. BL2 though was previewed regularly in the year leading up to the release and while not everything they showed made it into the game in the exact manner we saw it but overall it was a really intriguing sampling of the world that was about to come. BL3 really should do the same and Gearbox knows what the fans want and usually are quite happy to oblige when the time is right. Since it seems they like to launch in September it does not inspire confidence that for a 2018 release we are not hearing or seeing anything to keep us interested. PAX West would have been perfect to show some alpha footage and introduce a character, show samples of new mechanics and weapons to reengage the audience that seems to have largely abandoned the forums. If they are that far off from a release I wish they would just come out and say it.

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The year leading up to it’s release.

Do we have a confirmed release date for borderlands 3 yet?

Last I checked it was no.

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Well, the signs are all there for next year if you look.

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This is old news. It is possible it could be, but it is also an assumption that it is a Borderlands game and even a Gearbox game. It could be another 2K game altogether. No one said it was a game from Gearbox.

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Curve ball:

What if Gearbox is waiting on the older side of original Borderlands Player Base to age out of the game? Why? Well, we are coming up on 10 years since Borderlands Classic and based on the content they’ve released Gearbox has moved far from that design of that game when you look at the progression from BL2 to TPS to Battleborn. The negative response to the latter two games is in part a result of expectations that came from the previous two. The further they are in the rear view of the player base, the more likely they may be to give a new game that is a step further from them a chance? Maybe, possibly?

In the quasi-community of fans, be it on the forums, streaming, or posting youtube content, the majority of the analytical/ critical perspectives come from people who have been fans of the game for a good period of time. Gamers who started playing circa TPS or the Handsome Collection seem to be more forgiving.

All that said, Gearbox and 2K will be relying on word of mouth to push their next release over the top, and that is dependent on the fan base’s support. The leading voices in the fan community right now still skew towards long term fans well into their adult years, and I am fairly confident the ideal fan base their games skews younger.

Just an idea from… an old gamer outside of their target demo.

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Battleborn is not Borderlands, it is very different and as a result Gearbox fans mostly shunned it. If they made BL3 more like Battleborn and change too much from the feel of the last two/three Borderlands games the backlash will hammer the game bigtime. Word of mouth works both ways and if you veer to far from fans expectations and they don’t like it then that could be it for Gearbox. There was a lot different in BL2 from BL1 and it took a lot of tweaking and patching to get the game to be established. Changes to the scaling and weapon proficiencies to BAR were very controversial even to this day amongst the fanbase. TVHM and UVHM felt like a poormans fix to a bad scaling design in the fundamental engine. The DLC for BL2 was met with a ‘meh’ up until TTAoDK which was excellent. Season Pass two and Digistruct Peak finally fleshed out the game to make it replayable for a long time. Still to this day it gets excellent numbers. It was a rocky road to get to this point though and bad decisions early on could have driven players away. So my point is that while we see BL and BL2 as a success it was not always that way and if you change things from how they were in the previous game then you must make sure you are changing them for the better and not just for change sake. If you veer too far from what makes it a Borderlands game you can risk losing you fans to your #1 franchise and thus risk losing everything.