Is Gearbox pulling a Valve on us?

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Careful with that curve-ball: it might just keep curving and hit you in the back of the head!

It’s become pretty clear in the last year that the flow of information out of GBX is deliberately being highly restricted, to the point of non-existence. It sucks, but someone in the company obviously made that decision and is enforcing it (to the point of posts along the lines of “I could tell you but I want to keep my job”). Maybe someone got really paranoid after OW jumped all over BB? Whatever the reason, it’s the new “normal” to be as secretive as all get out.

That said, the tech demo for BL3 looked very much more like BL1 than BL2 in terms of palette, and Randy specifically mentioned retaining the cell shading (even pointing out the way lighting interacted with it). So, there’s that pittance.

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pretty sure they specifically said it was going to closer to borderlands 1 than 2. No Anthony Burch writing this one. No Mikey Neumann either though, so we can only hope he finished the script before leaving. which one would expect the script to be done rather before work starts on the game.

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I’ll admit that’s been my theory as to what’s been going on, especially after the Battleborn ‘Trial’ was introduced with basically no warning. (Sure, people had been expecting/predicting F2P for a while, but we didn’t know for sure that it was happening until it did.)

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This^ has crossed my mind more than once as Well, because Overwatch dealt such a severe blow to Battleborn in the first round (a match which Overwatch created in the first place, through an immoral and disgusting business practice), that it was an instant KO; lack of advertisement was also a huge factor.

I’d be paranoid about it happening again as well. Plus, just look at how much better certain games fare when they seem to come out of the woodwork, because the developers keep things so under wraps, that all people can focus on is the hype when the game actually DOES come out. It’s usually a winning strategy, especially when it is marketed well enough to strengthen the hype.

They did, which i am personally happy to hear, as i thought BL1 much better than BL2.

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They both have their good points. Bl2 just has way more.

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Ha! I see what you did there! You take that like…

In all seriousness, to each their own. My own is that BL isn’t a game series that needs an established story, and that the fun lay in the guns and melting of faces. So for me, BL2 cramming a story down my throat that involves saving Pandora instead of hunting treasure, was a HUGE step backwards for me, alleviated only by the hilarious dialog and fun/creative weapon traits such as Torgue’s and Tediore’s. I felt much the same way with Fallout 4 shoving “Shaun” this and “Shaun” that into damn near every dialog selection, as much as i loved the changes in the series (power armour, junk being useful, settlements, etc.), which were more numerous and game changing than BL2’s were from the first game.

In other words, i feel that BL should be a sandbox loot n’ shoot without a real story, and i REALLY hope that such is what the devs meant by BL3 being closer to the first game, as that is the biggest diffrence in all of the games to me.

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BL1 had a real story. It was just hidden in the mission texts and audio logs, so you had to piece it together for yourself. Well, either that or ignore it totally.

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This^ is what i more or less meant, and i like that one had the OPTION to learn the story. Sorry for the miscommunication. From the beginning of BL1, i felt like i was playing a free-roam shooter with a backstory, and i liked that; from the beginning of BL2, i felt like i was supposed to save Pandora from Handsome Jack, and it fetched some sighs from me, that ClapTrap thankfully turned into laughs a lot. I liked Handsome Jack too, but hated the story. Maybe i don’t WANT to join the Crimson Raiders or Slabs? Maybe i just want to kill things and then take their weapons so that i can kill MORE things more efficiently? Dont get me wrong, i love it when Gearbox changes things up and gets fresh (Battleborn), and i am not saying that i hated BL2; i just liked the set up and theme of BL1 better, and would like to see the same thing in BL3.

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The story makes the game. I’m a dedicated lorist.

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That would be a boomerang. A curve ball is more likely to ricochet and hit me in the gonads.

The main reason I even thought of this is because my generation of gamers has the good fortune of being far enough along in adulthood to afford to indulge our interests. Even so, the time we have to do so, and the other commitments we have with our resources are going to make gaming a lower priority. We can’t be counted on to buoy a franchise for much longer, if at all. Especially when we have a certain amount of entitlement and expectations based on years (honestly decades) of refining our tastes in games.

Gaming has plateaued a bit. Graphics get better, AI gets better, but for the most part the core elements of a good game haven’t changed much since the advent of 3D gaming replaced 2d gaming. For something to seem new, it requires new, less jaded, eyes. It’s these new eyes that will carry a franchise into the future.

Gearbox & 2K have a heavy investment in taking their Intellectual Properties beyond the gaming world. Borderlands is probably the best suited to spawn an audience outside of games, the same way Transformers has managed to create an existence outside of the cartoons and toys of yesteryear. And like Transformers, I wonder if Borderlands will be positioned to bring in a new generation of fans at the expense of the older crew (kind of like what they do with each iteration of TNMT or Ratchet & Clank last year)?

We’ll see I guess, but based on what I’ve seen, I can see them trying to achieve the best of both worlds, a mixture of nostalgia and also a fresh entry point for new players/ fans, unburdened with the need to digest 10 years worth of content to truly enjoy and understand the whole of a game. And then you can remaster and rerelease the classics further down the line like George Lucas does once or twice a decade. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Borderlands fans not gearbox’s

Now not everyone in this group did, but the majority of borderlands fans who played games like A:CM expected it to be as good as borderlands
This was not the case for Battleborn, a good game that wasn’t falsely marketed (because it didn’t have any basically) but after being let down by A:CM they figured they could only trust borderlands games for quality.

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Re: Sleighbells a’ ringing

Hmmm… my response.

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you’re not wrong. I never played A:CM or Duke Nukem but i know many people that were “fool me once…”

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I was responding to the sleighbell image.

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Ah I see.

Sorry about that.

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I left this tab open before responding so I must have missed your post. On my browser the sleighbell appeared directly above mine. Oh well, it’s the internet. Ironically, your point about being Borderlands vs. Gearbox fans could be viewed as a red pill vs. blue pill mentality…

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I’m glad you understood that it was a sleigh bell and the significance. It’s true though.

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Google gets an assist on the score. It didn’t ring any bells for me. Living up to the “Subtlety” tag in a major way with that one.

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That one was pretty obvious for me actually. But it made you curious why i posted it :smiley: