Is Gearbox pulling a Valve on us?

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Having never seen the Polar Express a little indoctrination was required on my part. Never too late to learn something new!

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Watch it. Great movie. Tom Hanks plays FIVE roles.

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Or read the book - fantastic illustrations. Or do both!

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It’s on the list! Long way down the cue, but it is on the list.

Also, with all the talk about BL release plans, I have yet to consider using the logic that used to apply to music when physical album sales ruled the day.

It used to be common for an artist or label to delay a release because a competing artist decided to release their album the same day or a week nearby.

For all the talk of the fiscal calendar of gearbox and their development and publishing projects, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone acknowledging what games Other publishers are scheduling that they might have to compete with. At this point I think that is likely a factor in their development and release schedule.

As long as multiplayer and competitive games dominate the marketplace, and Streaming channels people watch, any single player game has to compete with them as well as any game in their genre, because beyond game type, more than anything they are competing for the player’s time. Why buy a game if you’re not going to play it until your friends are ready to play it with you? If a game is non-competitive the only advantage of being an early adopter is if you are a streamer or youtuber etc who needs to be the first to share the content to get hits.

All of this is to say, I am all for Gearbox approaching the next games they release the way Marvel did Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Fox did Deadpool: Pick a time when the release schedule is really light so the maximum amount of attention and time can be spent by players getting into Borderlands (with a game that is debugged and balanced out the gate).

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…and hope like crazy that no-one has the same idea for secret project X, or is able to move their time-line up to match yours.

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I really hate to be the downer cutting short this speculation high, but I may be saving everyone from info withdrawal, so give me a moment.

I think we’re examining this specimen way to close to see the bigger strokes in play.

First a foremost. No, there is no danger of Borderlands 3 not being released, and with the exception of a small portion of the population, most of this inside info means nothing to most people. They just want to play a video game.

This is a matter of economics pure and simple.

The only game Franchise younger than Borderlands that have sold more copies is (peculiarly) Just Dance. It has even outsold the likes of The Witcher, which has 2 years of development time on it.

We’re Borderlands junkies, and I’m not at all a shamed of that. But most people buying the game just want to have a bit of fun playing Borderlands.

I will assure you of the following. By my praise of the series alone I know of about a dozen friends (not acquaintances) of mine who have bought the series and have no idea who the following people are;

The guy who brings the coffee around in GBX offices.

It is no consequence to them whatsoever. They could read Pitchford sacrifices baby dolphin on altar of Baal to curse BL3 on the front cover of the NYT and still buy the game if it ‘looks like fun’.

Honestly, I had completed both BL games (more than once) before I had any idea who any of those people were, and really only ‘got in the know’ because of this forum.

The success or failure of BL3 will be based on factors that we, sitting here in speculation, will never be able to foresee. 100 minutia including; months of development, team cohesion, the ability to process new ideas, the general morale of the team, the rearranging of departments to heighten efficacy… hell even the inspiration of the writing team-- all things that will affect the game that we will have no ability whatsoever to interpret by linking together tweets and bios on company pages.

I am not trying to shoot down speculation, by all means folks, let us speculate, but why not stick to what we can consider?

So No, Gearbox is no pulling a ‘Valve’ on us. The likelihood is that they will produce BL3, in a timely fashion, and will make a stalwart attempt to make it a hell of a game to keep their good run going. Why? Because money talks. Plain and simple. Borderlands is successful and as I am certain the company is not run by lunatics, they will capitalize on that success.

Also. One final note. Consider it the ‘P.S.’

I’ve platinumed (on PS3-4) every Yakuza game I’ve ever gotten my hands on, except 0, and I’m starting that next. I preordered Kiwami.

I have no idea of the names or stories behind any of development team, voice actors or anything. And I work 72-80 hours a week and I’m a moderator on a Game Forum, and I still go by that principle.

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@devs Any chance this job position has a projected vacancy in the near future?


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As far as I know, we don’t - and never did - have a guy who brings us coffee. We do have a Pitchford-owned coffee shop downstairs that is mucho delicious though, so there’s that!

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And there it is;

Tomorrow’s headline on some gaming news site.

GBX confirms fallout with enigmatic ‘Coffeeguy’. BL3 in jeopardy.

Coffeeguy the Exclusive.

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I can neither confirm nor deny that ‘Coffeeguy’ was abducted by unicycle-riding aliens with Canadian accents.

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“An official statement claims that Coffeeguy “retired to spend more time with his family”, but an anonymous source reached out with a much more sinister explanation…”

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I petition for a quest to save “Coffeeguy” from whoever the evil corporation is in bl3, or the villains in this coming war the Watcher mentioned.

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#CoffeeguyIsInnocent #SaveCoffeeGuy

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How many likes do we need for this to become something in the game? 15, 20, 25?

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1 full hour since the exposé on Coffeeguy, all GBX execs have remained silent.

What could they possibly be doing on a Friday afternoon? Hmmm?

Going home from work?
Preparing for the weekend?
Spending time with family?


As if. They simply refuse to respond.

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Find out next on 60 minutes, during our exclusive interview with the man known only as "Coffeeguy"

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Lamestream media.

ALEX JONES HERE, welcome back.

Reliable sources. RELIABLE SOURCES.

Who will remain anonymous.

State that Coffeeguy may not have been fired at all. But sent to a colony on mars where he will be in perpetual servitude, while Pitchford’s pockets are lined heavily by the Soros illuminati cabal.

Man it makes me so angry I just lose my energy. Which is instantly brought back by Supermale Vitality Dietary Supplement.

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“Coffeeguy” is just one of Snowden’s aliases…

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Movie adaptation when?

(Penguin connoisseur.) #82

When the Gearbox devs stop blaming his existence on weather balloons!