Is Gearbox pulling a Valve on us?

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Gearbox’s obvious cover-up of the existence of coffee guy is clearly what’s causing the frogs to turn gay

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Its also stopping valve from releasing Half-Life 3.

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“Coffeeguy” is actually just another pizzagate conspiracy to cover up the fact that Randy Varnell prefers tea!"

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Who will save is all?!

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The lemonade dude from down the street?

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Claudio will save us.

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Thread successfully derailed!

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Alright Alright.

Back on track guys. We’ve had our fun.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

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Well, there is what I think. When I first played BL1 my first impression was that I noticed how much of ideas from game are grabbed left and right from other games, as well as it’s own novel ideas. I noticed how BL2 game changed a lot too by having a new take on weapon parts systems and much improved story. But TPS was outsourced. So based on that I guess that what Gearbox wants is to inovate and experiement around ideas above just making another Borderlands. Or if not then I still see it as the main strength that pushed the Borderlands.

In other words, I feel like it’d make sense that expectactions for next borderlands would be putting limits on Gearbox team. I wish for Gearbox to drop the idea of pleasing everybody as an unattainable goal and focus on making another experimental game that’s going to innovate new things, for I see this approach as the reason for how Borderlands came to be.


I’m sure that Gearbox are going to be faced with cries of both ‘too much like Borderlands!’ and ‘not enough like Borderlands!’ whatever they do, so I’m happy to just wait and see. I don’t anticipate disappointment at all. I’m really looking forward to BL3.

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Oh GBX for sure will catch flak for BL3 regardless of its merits or downfalls. Some people just despise sequels of any kind, even if they say they really want a sequel. Every 2 or 3 or .5 has been scorned by a certain sect of (very loud) fans.

Save for some personal deal breakers of mine like online only, I really don’t expect anything but a decent game at worst and a great game at best from BL3. And I’m more than willing to wait, there’s plenty of games to play and table top RPGs to run in the meantime.

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One thing I can imagine most Borderlands players will want to see for sure is the weapon parts system.

Was that a Gearbox creation or had it been done before anywhere?

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its stolen from irl guns, if i remember correctly. like, all of them.


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Brand new info on coffeeguy!

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Spill the beans! :coffee:

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This^ made me simultaneously laugh and groan.

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Is it time to brew up some puns?

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Coffee Guy has his own thread now.

@Ganjamira! @MereAtGBX!

We need some official Gearbox merch with the logo and “Where is coffeeguy?”

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My offhand comment about a coffee guy is really beginning to take a life I did not expect.

I await the ‘Coffee Guy’ skin in BL3, which is just a t-shirt with the ‘image not available’ logo.