Is Gearbox really to blame?

After constantly reading all these comments, I’ve came to a possible conclusion and here me out… but maybe in the end it isn’t Gearbox’s fault. Let me explain. Over the years gaming has changed. Going from an offline arcade style to now a constant online multiplayer fiasco. When if u wanted to have cheats you used a game shark, or glitches were from word of mouth and needed to be proven. Nothing was validated by youtube or the internet. If a game was challenging then it just was, if u could beat it fine if u couldn’t fine. It wasn’t ppl whining or complaining that it was too hard. You win some, you lose some but you just accepted it and moved on. No patches, no hotfixes, no online multiplayer. You want multiplayer go to your friends house and hook up a controller. There were bragging rights but just for friendly competition, not for followers or for a paycheck, not to brag to the world (as to taking “selfies” of your food) The current swing of things or this generation has ruined gaming, with phases like “it’s broken” or this is “op”. And when your constantly using these phrases as the norm these things happen. Every other video on YouTube is based on some kind of exploit not to just simply show it off but as some sense of accomplishment, but mainly monetization. Seems as if one would know that the videos in question would lead to some sort of corrective action in the future but means little to nothing because in the end your doing whatever it is for personal reasons. Most “Broken Fl4k build” or “OP Damage build” at this point I really don’t even know if you can truly blame a developer for trying to fix something of they’re creation with ppl constantly saying something is wrong with it.


I can understand this point, however as early as we are in the release cycle there something you need to understand. Only about half the hate the company has recieved was due to nerfs… Lagginess, graphic optimization, the bank deleting items people put time into getting - those issues would have been found if thourough testing was done prior to release.

And to top it off thorough testing would’ve helped avoid a lot of the ‘nerfs’ as well… Here’s what I said in another thread regarding that:

The opportunity was always there yet as a fan base we were let down. I’m sorry but pinning the problem solely on the customer’s reactions now (as compared to the good ole days) just isn’t going to cut it with most of us.


i’m not a huge fan of streamers that highlight meta, kill a boss in 2 seconds etc, i don’t hate them, but i don’t follow them. i do think streamers are a huge part of the change we’re seeing in games and their communites… they’re thrive on making builds, highlight the extremes and use words like broken or OP to draw attention… their audience rely on their information to quickly pick up a game and do well and when nerfs happen, these don’t know what to do.

i’ve seen the response from the most known borderlands streamers, not gonna name drop anyone but they down play peoples reactions to nerfs and just being douche-y in general about it… and i mean, what do they expect?? they’ve created a community around them of people who rely on them.

so yeah, definitely partly because of this are streamers fault. but it’s not their fault entirely either.


I agree totally with you both. Beautiful opinions, at the same time ijs that all the blame can’t be solely on Gearbox. They totally have their fair share of faults, seems as if it’s the industries norm to launch half assed games and say they’ll fix the problems later.


it’s sh!tty for us customers and i don’t like it. but realistically, can you blame them? they can pay testers a years salary for testing that is completely dwarfed within the first couple of days. we’re are free “labor” or what the right way of discribing it would be. so it makes perfect sense from a buisness standpoint.


I think this is a large part of the reason why the antagonists of BL3 are basically social-media personalities.


Simple answer.Yes.If you wanna follow an older example you will.If you want to go the Early Access route bait a lot of people “because the name of the franchise and its history alone will sell even ignoring the trailers and intentional leaks” thats why I didn’t preorder the game.They don’t deserve it.Especially after what I’ve seen from twitch and youtube.Purchased it 2 days later but will not support such a high degree of laziness.

TL;DR absolutely their own fault.


Honestly, that’s what I feel like they did. They rode the franchise name out the gate and called it good with the gumption that they would just hotfix anything that the community griped about. In all honesty, I almost believe that they purely focused on composing a main story, side mission, easter eggs, and pop culture references, and decided to slap together the attributes of the other games, id est; gear and such, call it good and not focus on anything else… but… idk… mayhaps I’m wrong… I’d like to be…


The bugs and glitches are definitely their fault, so are the lazy storytelling and lack of respect for lores. The level, boss and scenenary designs are very good though. So overall it has its shine while housing some glaring problems. PC players still see a lot of glitches even now.

I mainly do slaughter shaft these days. However even such a small map is not bug free. Two of them are particularly persistent, with one being the annointed stuck behind the truck, while the other being the tink turret never dies. I don’t know whether they will ever be fixed.

To a certain extent it is due to the corporate greed which is destroying a lot of good franchises as we see.

I bought the super deluxe edition which cost 100 dollars. Did so to support a good dev team I used to know but I am doubting now.


Game developers make game
Not their fault released with massive issues

Nope, you’re wrong.

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I blame gearbox for not testing their game. Remember this quest on Nekrodefeyo making fun of closed alpha something? They’re doing it too.

While some bug are things that could have slip through the net, most aren’t :

  • Talent that NEVER work under any circumstances
  • Old Killavolt bug with whole arena electrified and the such
  • Obvious gap in balance that only require testing the weapon 5 minute to understand

When I did the carnivorous mission the game crashed so many times with my graphics card running at 80c. I almost uninstalled this 100 dollar piece of gimmick to protect my 1000 dollar piece of greater gimmic. :wink:


As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing to throw around blame for.

I did the same thing.

Regretted it with Destiny.

I am starting to regret it with BL


You see it all the time in the video titles on YT. OP/Broken/Insane etc… Anything clickbaity to get views. They also tend to revolve around glitches/bugs. Which,with BL3 being the kind of game it is and on PC, will always have the following of people who hack and exploit the game.

I’ve stopped watching 99% of BL3 videos on YT and only watcha 2 people who upload decent meaningful content for the game. Dont even bother watching build/item review videos that have any of the 3 (or similar)above words in their title.

The internet and the social(media) aspect of gaming is its own downfall really.


This is the truth. Remember the old times of PS1 and N64 when ■■■■■■ games were released with no means of patching it? Internet was still in its youth too, not many gaming review sites. I bought Superman 64 for 60$ back in the day, it stayed in its sorry state. Problems now can be solved. ESO is a good example, when it came it was ■■■■, now its one of the great MMO’S out there.

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I was going more along the lines of people now having more of a voice, voicing their opinions and thinking they know whats best and trying to demand “things”. Of cause they have and can have an opinion :slight_smile: But people think they can “demand” things from people/companies etc.

Take the recent hotfix information. How are people reacting to that… Childish and toxic for the most part. Back in the day you got a game and played it and enjoyed/hated for what it was and moved on with your life. But now people act like they know better or demand something be changed to specifically suit themselves. And NOT RESPECTING the decisions made by the creators, then going about it totally the wrong way in trying to make change.


I agree with you. People have every right to be pissed and angry but concerns should be voiced in respectful way. The message is important but the way it is delivered is as important as the messsage itself.


Well, I would enjoy the game how it was released. BUT hotfixes changed it 🤷

(I still love Moze with Flakker).

Gearbox is a modern AAA studio that hires and is staffed by professional AAA developers and supporting staff - people are are paid to be experts in everything from game design to community support, from production scheduling to marketing.

The majority, if not all of these people, are aware of and have data pertaining to player demographics and trends. They apparently also collect data from your actual game playing. And in the end, all of the decisions with the game are theirs to make - all we can do is cry out into the void here on these forums and hope they give a ■■■■.

Any decision they make is their fault and responsibility. Any failure of communication concerning the direction of the game (patches/nerfs/etc), as well as the fallout of said changes to the game, rests solely on them. People are getting paid to know better, and make the best decisions regarding the health and future of the game, both within the application and without.

Can players be challenging to deal with? Of course, that’s why you hire professionals whose job it is to deal with them. Can players respond poorly to decisions the team know to be better for the game? Of course - that’s why you hired professionals who should be able to sell those changes to the players and prevent, well, what happened last Thursday.

So, is Gearbox really to blame? Yes. They get paid to take the blame, Imma let them have it. And as I said above, even if I wanted to take the blame, I have no power. All I can do is post here and hope. They can take action, and so responsibility will, and does, fall on their shoulders.