Is getting an anointed 'Dastardly' Lucky 7 bugged?

I’ve farmed Scraptrap this entire week. Over 400+ runs and only ever saw 1 Dastardly Lucky 7 anointed that a buddy of mine got.

I cant imagine they made the drop rate this insanely low.

EDIT: Well looks like my luck is finally turning. Last night a friend and I came across 5 total anointed Dastardly 7’s. None with the right anointment, but there’s hope!

I got an ASE 100% first try of him just doing story, it’s all RNG and I did really well for once

It seems like drop rates in the DLC are decent for the most part, but if you’re going for a specific part/anointment combo you’re dealing with layers of RNG that could make it quite a bit harder to find. For the purposes of illustration, even at 100% drop rate, if there’s say, a 1/5 chance of it being dastardly, and 1/4 of it being anointed, and then 1/10 of it being the right anointment, you’d end up with an effective 0.5% drop rate. After 400 runs, you’d have ~13.5% chance of still not having found it. Either way, bad luck.

I will say I feel your pain though - it took me all week to get an anointed re-router. On the other hand, I found an anointed Lucky 7 while playing through the dlc on the first kill, but I don’t think its dastardly. My girlfriend held on to it, so I can’t check. What platform are you on?

Thanks for the info. I’m on PC.

No, it would be a 99.5% chance not to get it after 400 or how ever many runs you do.

That’s classic Borderlands for you, drop rate for loot pools are trash.

I get a bunch just farming robo-jack dude.

I have an annoited rakk attack one.

On each successive run, yes, the chance to find it would be still be 0.5% since the events are independent. However, to find the total chance of not finding it in n runs, you use the multiplication rule. Say you want to find the chance of not finding it after two runs, which we will call events A and B:

P(A and B) = P(A) * P(B|A)

Since, as the events are independent, as you pointed out, P(B|A) = P(B),
P(A and B) = P(A) * P(B)

Furthermore, P(A) = P(B), so the probability of not finding it twice in a row is:

The same logic applies for n runs, where we get the probability of not finding the item after n runs:

Since A is the complement of our drop chance, 0.5% in this case, we end up with:


So, if we did 400 runs at 0.5% drop chance, we would end up with:

(0.995)^400 = 0.1346

or, ~13.5% chance of still not having found it after 400 runs. The complement of this, ~86.5% is the chance that one or more of those 400 runs the item drops.

It looks like my girlfriend is using the one we found. It wasn’t dastardly, but figured I’d check… Anyway, I’ll be farming various DLC bosses most of this week, so I’ll let you know if one drops. Are you looking for 100% ASE or 50% elemental damage for the next two magazines?

Also, I’m not sure that the spreadsheet is 100% accurate for the best drop locations in the DLC. It’s been correct for every non-DLC item I’ve gone to farm, but for the DLC there might be better locations. For example the nukem appears to drop more often from Loco Chantell than Junpai:

I’ve been farming Scraptrap for a while today, and it looks like I’m mostly seeing Boomer drop. It could be RNG, or it could be there’s a better place to farm it.

I’ve farmed various bosses and it seems I see the most Lucky 7’s drop from Scraptrap.
I’m looking for:
ASE +100 dmg
ASE +125 to boss-named-badass
Rakk Attack +100

It was definitely wrong on the nukem, as you said, and I’m pretty sure I got the Boomer from the giant Claptrap also… I have got a couple Lucky 7’s, but they were world drops. Also, it looks like that spreadsheet says “11/21” at the top, so the DLC related info might be from old datamined info.

I have 3. One’s a radiation ASE, one’s a 125% damage ASE for bosses/badasses, and one’s a extra acc/handling after Phasegrasp. My chars are having fun with them, but yeah, I’ve had to waste Scraptrap A LOT.