Is getting the Platinum Trophy still possible?

This is the 1st Borderlands game I’ve ever played and might be the 1st game I platinum as well…if it’s even possible??

In regards to these challenges:
Heal Plz

Mine keep going into the negatives at LV1 and I’m not sure what to do? My character is at OP8 and I’m pretty close to having everything complete but these challenges aren’t looking to good currently.

Anyone having the same issues?


You should be able to get the plat. :confused: I had the same problem but eventually got it.

If those are the last 3 things you need for the “challenger” trophy use ruin with converge and phaselock the crap out of everything. You might want to stay away from sustenance too to get the heal vials.

Those challenge are glitched for me anyway, I repeatedly finish them and then they keep going back to negative.