Is Godfall cheating

Dunno where this goes I clicked a link on Reddit for Godfall forums and the process for signing up and making a thread is like a maze of stupid.

Anyway…I was doing the tower and all of a sudden enemies started healing with no healer around and breaching wouldn’t build.

Is this game cheating me or I am I missing something.

It’s like the game bugged out bc the adds wouldn’t attack while I was fighting the boss as well.

Hey there, sorry you’re having issues with the game. As GBX is the publisher and not developer for this title, there is no discussion or support section on these forums for the game, just the support section where patch notes get posted.

If you check out this post there’s a link to the game’s KB, the on-line play Discord server, and to file a support ticket. I would suggest using the latter in this case - TTBOMK that’s the best way to get in touch with the Godfall developers other than their social media channels.